Public Rec’s All Day Every Day Shorts replaced by 32 Degrees Performance Shorts

Posted on Jul 31, 2023

While at Costco today I saw a 2 pack of 32 Degrees Performance Shorts for Men with the Zipper Pocket and the draw string inside the waist band. I never liked draw strings on the outside as you end up with a bow tie bulge in the tee shirt you’re wearing.

Find these shorts on eBay for $12.99 (some 2 packs for $10). Make sure they’re the Performance Short with the new comfort waist band, draw string inside, zipper pockets. They seem to be a knock-off of the All Day Every Day $68 short in a lighter more comfortable weight fabric. Plus they solved the pocket pucker problem with the heavier fabric used in Public Rec shorts. This caused the sides of the short to pucker out like ears.

The 32 Degrees Performance Shorts also has a back right pocket for a wallet, missing on Public Rec shorts. The only thing missing on the 32 Degrees Performance Shorts is the faux zipper pleat in the front. But if I had a choice between the back pocket or a faux zipper panel, I’ll take the back pocket for a wallet.

Several months ago I highlighted what I believed to be the most comfortable All Day Every Day pants ($108 Public Rec) for any occasion from working out, going out, dining, movies, cruises, and even with a sport jacket. I was never completely onboard with their $68 All Day Every Day shorts.

The  32 Degrees Performance Shorts I believe you can wear around the house all day and not feel like you have to change before going to the bank, Home Depot or grocery store.

Looks like they took the Public Rec All Day Every Day shorts and made them better and a lot cheaper. I really like that smooth comfort waist ban that resists rolling or folding over.

I believe Costco sells off their returns to eBay reseller who resell them at or below the Costco retail price in their members only stores.

Regarding the 32 Degrees Heat Men’s Performance Tech Shield Jogger Pants – $20

I bought a couple pair on eBay and was not impressed. They’re not a low-cost replacement for the Public Rec All Day Every Day pants. The 32 Degrees Jogging Pants also has the faux fly which confirms they copied the Public Rec pants. However, the material still indicates sweat pants and the length is non-negotiable at just 30 inches. They also come with a sweat pant ankle collar that reminds me of kids pajamas.


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