Save on Costco 2 lb Tubs of Medjool Dates – $8.99 or $4.50 lb.

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

IMG_20140923_144257-1-768x1024I just saw a fresh shipment of 2 lb plastic tubs of Medjool Dates at Costco for $8.99.  I grabbed 3 of them.  I normally pay $6.98 lb at my local grocer. And I buy a pound or two a week. They’ll last for weeks sitting out on the counter. I always said Medjool Dates are God’s candy that grows on trees.  An amazing fruit. They have a caramel-like texture.

Costco and Sam’s sell 2 lb tubs of Medjool Dates. I’ve bought them from both sources. I like the Costco brand better as the quality is always consistent, moist but not wet, with few dates that are hard or dry. The Sam’s brand have been either soaked or treated and they’re almost gooey wet.

Why Medjool Dates?  Good question…..


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