So Many Asleep and Unaware

Posted on Jun 06, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I remember when I started waking up to the reality of the matrix of lies in all areas of life. I didn’t start out to wake up. I was actually preparing for an Alaskan cruise back in 2007.

I knew I had 14 hours of flying back and forth and a week on a cruise ship enjoying the scenery and relaxing.  I decided to buy my first MP3 player and load as many audio files, programs, interviews as I could find to keep my mind busy. I looked for information regarding Bible prophecy, false-flags, government corruption, false religion, space, space travel, science, global finance, eugenics and health and medical skullduggery. I was looking for authors, researchers, doctors, scientists, PhDs, scholars, professors, etc. with fringe conspiracy topics not found in the mainstream media.  Art Bell type stuff. I found and downloaded about 150 hours of some very interesting MP3 interviews.

When I came back from that Alaskan cruise I was a changed person. I felt like I had been briefed on a world I only suspected existed. I knew something wasn’t right. But I had been too busy in business to research what was really going on.

I now regret trying to spread the word and help others around me wake up so they could prepare for where all this was heading. Most people were so deep in the mainstream media MSM programming of their reality that there’s nothing anyone they knew could say that could compete with the multi-billion dollar barrage of mind control.

Of course, the average person gets very large doses of fluoride in their water, shower, toothpaste, restaurants, and in food. Many are also so medicated they have trouble staying on task.

I only woke up one other friend, partially, the same way.  He and his family were going on a week long guided river raft roughing it trip with camping, cooking and hiking. They had been on a waiting list for years for this trip. I downloaded about 150 hours of the most credible and interesting interviews and gave it to him to listen to. He came back changed too.

I suggest if you want to wake someone else up; do it that way. Don’t try to be the expert. Leave it to the experts.  Find and download 100 hours of the ‘best of’ audio or video files and put it on a cheap USB stick and hand them out.


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