Spinach extract improves weight loss by almost 50%, can eliminate food cravings

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jan 24, 2019

EZ Diet Analysis:  Regarding spinach on the Ezekiel Diet, keep in mind it is very  high in the amino acid L Arginine. Add chicken, which is also very high in L Arginine and you have a Viagra nitric oxide laced meal for men.  Now I know why Olive Oyl liked Popeye better that Brutus. Popeye knew the secret.

For anyone trying to eliminate diet related herpes breakouts you should be aware that too much L Arginine in your diet can be a problem. Example: Add stress that taxes the immune system, and other high L Arginine foods such as an egg omelette for breakfast, watermelon snack, turkey, asparagus as a side, a couple KIND bars or pack of trail mix for a snack, some dark chocolate, a half a bottle of wine with friends and you have the diet related combination that could cause a herpes breakout two days later.

Any or all of the following precautions on this high L Arginine day will help reduce the possibility of a breakout:

–  Eliminate or reduce stress.  Start with a radical reduction in caffeine (all forms) and the subsequant ‘fight-or-flight’ mode that exhausts your adrenal glands and taxes your immune system.

–  Eliminate all forms of caffeine completely and starve the virus: coffee, tea, green tea, black tea, power drinks, soda, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, supplements with caffeine like Green Tea Extract and EGCg

– Eliminate any supplements with L Arginine

–  Eliminate as much sugar and HFCS as possible to starve the virus before it breaks the skin.

–  Hydrate with as much clean water as possible. Especially after too much alcohol, and the next morning. No caffeine or sugar in all forms for 48 hours after too much alcohol.

– Help balance all this extra L Arginine with 1,000 mg of L Lysine at each meal.

– Eliminate or reduce alcohol.

– Eliminate nuts, trail mix, KIND bars, completely. A bag of healthy trail mix with dark chocolate is like pouring gasoline on a fire for the herpes virus.

– Increase Vitamin D3 (or sun) and extra Vitamin C (10 grams at first sign, 3 grams day after) to help boost the immune system. Avoid a sun burn as it will tax the immune system.

– The stabilized garlic extract allicin in Allicin Max garlic supplements (the only brand I recommend) is an anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal; each capsule is the equivalent to over 30 cloves of garlic to kill the virus in the blood and reduce the possibility of virus shedding.

– A long brisk hike or walk, and/or Cell Food drops in water to oxygenate the blood also helps.


Spinach extract improves weight loss by almost 50%, can eliminate food cravings

(Slender.news) Growing up and living in 21st century America sometimes feels as if you’re being raised in a giant shopping mall. Along the city streets are the colorful pop-up signs of fast food joints. No, you can’t push the X button to make the pop-ups go away as if they were ads on the computer screen. The catchy logos just don’t go away, and the smell of junk food in the air is making the food cravings bead up, salivating on the tongue.

To make matters worse, it feels as though the giant shopping mall has invaded your own home. Television screens flash ad after ad promoting the same colorful images of fast food. Screenshots of the food are sending urges to your brain. The eyes, the ears and the nose all beg for the sense of taste to join them in satisfying those cravings. The shopping mall of junk food America is inescapable, pulling you in like Coca-Cola sucked up a straw, pulled down into a dark esophageal abyss.

At some point, today’s America must look in the mirror and see what it’s becoming — a mindless, consuming monster. Isn’t it time to sever the wires that connect the mind to destructive and addictive cravings? How might fast food be more addictive, more destructive than some drugs?

In a new study at Lund University in Sweden, researchers have found a way to sever those wires that inject the mind with thoughts of junk food cravings. They found that a special spinach extract called thylakoids can decrease ravenous appetites for junk food. Thylakoids are essentially the green leaf membranes of spinach. In the study, the spinach extract boosted weight loss by 43 percent by decreasing hedonic hunger by a whopping 95 percent.

Green leaf membranes help the body communicate satiety and fullness

The cravings for unhealthy sweets and fast food lead Americans down a course of diabetes and obesity, heart failure and stroke. Something as simple as spinach extract could change that destructive course with near perfect effectiveness. In the study, the thylakoids reinforced the production of satiety hormones. It’s as if the spinach extract was sending in mini soldiers in for backup to suppress the monster inside salivating for junk food. The green leaf membranes bring better appetite control, encouraging healthier eating habits that boost weight loss efforts.

“Our analyses show that having a drink containing thylakoids before breakfast reduces cravings and keeps you feeling more satisfied all day,” said Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Professor of Medicine and Physiological Chemistry at Lund University.

Spinach boosts weight loss efforts tremendously

The three-month study followed the lives of 38 overweight women. Half of the women were given a green drink containing 5 grams of spinach extract before breakfast every morning. The other half were also given a green drink each morning, but it was merely a placebo. The women were unaware of which group they belonged to and were instructed to simply eat a balanced diet.

“In the study, the control group lost an average of 3.5 kg while the group that was given thylakoids lost 5 kg. The thylakoid group also found that it was easier to stick to three meals a day — and they did not experience any cravings”, said Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson.

The placebo group lost 7.7 pounds on average, while the group drinking spinach extract lost 11 pounds on average, a striking difference.

“It is about making use of the time it takes to digest our food. There is nothing wrong with our digestive system, but it doesn’t work well with the modern ‘pre-chewed’ food. The thylakoids extend digestion, producing a feeling of satiety. This means that we are able to stick to the diet we are meant for without snacks and unnecessary foods like sweets, crisps and such,” said Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson.

The reason why processed junk food is so dangerous is that it breaks down so quickly, not allowing hormones enough time to tell the brain that the stomach is full. Green leaf membranes slow down the digestive process, giving the body time to communicate to the brain that it’s full.

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