Star Signs Converging Now Predict the Return of Jesus – Jonathan Gray Archeologist

Posted on Sep 10, 2019

Ezekiel Diet Note: Slide forward to the third hour starting at 2:00. I’ve listened to this audio 4 times.  This is one of the very few presentations where Bill Deagle limited cutting off and talking over Jonathan. Jonathan is getting older. Every time Bill cuts him off it takes Jonathan several minutes to get back in the spirit. I get so frustrated with Bill. Some interviews Jonathan hardly gets to speak at all. My experience from decades of study is you only find the truth on the far fringe edges of the alternative media.  I trust Jonathan Gray.

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If you download and read the Sting of the Scorpion PDF please make a contribution to Jonathan Gray.:

Ezekiel Diet Note:  Pay attention to the actual tribulation period discussed in this talk, as opposed to the the future tribulation taught by most today. Near the end hear about the Leo Factor and how the stars signs are converging right now that may predict the return of Jesus Christ soon.


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