Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser l Session 2 What Did God Want

Posted on Dec 14, 2019

EZ Diet Note:  This is the second in a four part series that you should listen to….. carefully, and probably more than once.  I like Dr. Michael Heiser’s presentation style.  I’ve written before that Dr. Heiser is on my short list of people I trust enough to focus like a laser beam when he’s speaking. Why? Because we have supernatural enemies who enjoy our destruction. Very intelligent evil is out to destroy us. Smug complacency about this issue means they’re winning.  You won’t hear this is your church, you have to get this on your own.

Session 2 of our Supernatural Seminar from Dr. Michael Heiser, Author of Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches About the Unseen World – and Why It Matters.

For more information about Dr. Heiser visit

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