Take Back Your Mind, Energy Levels and Eliminate Dry Skin and Wiry Hair

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on May 08, 2020

The photo above is an example of an installed $550 Pelican Whole House Water Filtration system for fluoride (80%), chlorine, lead and other contaminants using copper pipe. It can be done cheaper using PVC and/or the $159 Pelican Quick Connector kit. Get them at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

If you’re on municipality water your skin and hair can soak up any of the following: lead, fluoride, chlorine, traces of prescription drugs, nitrates and fertilizers. I still use a distiller for drinking and cooking water. However the water quality is much better for drinking and cooking after going through this Pelican system. I mainly installed this system to clean up the shower water. I like to take long hot showers but hate exposing my skin and lungs to so many aerosolized chemicals (chlorine/fluoride/lead/Rx) in the steam and absorbed through the water.

Cancer deaths increase by 10% in communities that fluoridate water and it makes you stupid (loss of IQ) and lethargic from hypothyroidism, see the Dr. Russelll Blaylock’s video below. Either you use a filtration system like this plus distill drinking water or let your kidneys do it for you. Distill a gallon of water and see what’s left on the bottom of the reservoir.

This Triple Pelican Whole House Filter Cost:  $550 Filter, $200 parts, $500 Plumber = $1,250 installed. There were 3 plumbing quotes = $850, $750 and $500. It took 4 hours so $500 is $125 an hour. You may find a plumber cheaper. Hire an independent one man, one van plumber. If you hire a large company you’ll have to pay up to double for the plumber who did the work and the plumbing company who bids the job.

This job could be done much cheaper and by anyone with PVC pipe and fittings.

Plumbers are expensive today. Reminds me of the joke about the doctor who gets a bill from his plumber for a minor job. He complains, I’m a doctor and don’t get to charge this much for my services. The plumber quips, I know I didn’t get to bill like this when I was a doctor either. : )

You will most likely have to reroute a water line to install this Pelican water filter system in a location where you can easily operate it and change filters. Plan on replacing the pressure control valve if old ($100 included in parts above) because you will want to control pressure (up) if the filters slow water to showers.

Notice the main water line is cut 3 times across the top of the picture. 2 – 3/4″ Tees and 1 – on/off Main Water Line Valve. There are 2 more on/off valves on the left and right side of the filter. See one red hose bib drain valve on the left lower side of the filter. Use a storage tub lined up under the system to catch water draining from the cartridges and hose bib and a couple old towels when replacing filters.

This is 2 pieces  2′ X 4′ X 3/4″ sanded plywood. Two pieces is just easier to handle out of the store, into a car and into place. Use 3/4 inch plywood because the unit hangs from 3 short lag bolts that need at least 3/4 inch bite.

This layout allows you to bypass the filter by turning the left and right valves off and turning the top water line valve on. This is good if the filters are dirty and clogged and replacement filters are unavailable, or the system impedes water flow too much, or if the filter malfunctions, cracks, leaks, etc. and needs to be depressurized by bypassing it. Also if you have a house full of guests all taking showers and flushing toilets and running washing machines you may want to bypass the filters temporarily as they will impede flow rate with multiple faucets on. If you hire someone to pressure wash your house you will have to bypass.

You will notice a reduction in volume of water in the shower if a dish washer or washing machine is also operating. So remove (drill out) water saving devices in shower heads because you have a whole house water saver. It’s a trade off and something else to think about.  Just buy a better $25 shower head for low pressure situations with 10 settings. This way you can have the full shower or a jet-flow when you want it.

I recommend a bypass system like this.

I have considered that the reduced flow rate of hot water in the shower will generate savings over time that may offset the cost of replacement filters. I used to get out of the shower with the mirror half fogged with the door open and exhaust fan running.  Now I seldom see a fogged mirror.

Also, if you’re building a house or remodeling check the shower faucet and shower valve (inside wall) for slower flow rate.  Many faucet valves reduce the flow rate and it’s not adjustable. Without the faucet you get 6 gallons a minute, with the faucet you get 1.5 gallons a minute. So if you’re going to restrict flow rate with heavy filtration then size up the flow rate on the faucet. I’m considering that right now.

See the first blog post about the Pelican Whole House Water Filter for fluoride, chlorine, lead and other contaminants at:  https://www.ezekieldiet.com/488-whole-house-fluoride-chlorine-lead-contaminant-filter-from-lowes-or-home-depot/

Why Filter Water?

I haven’t been in a chlorine treated pool or comfortable taking a shower in contaminated municipality water since watching this short 2.5 minute video:

Article below from: https://www.freedrinkingwater.com/water_health/body-toxicity-detox-water-contamination.htm


If you’ve been feeling under the weather recently, it could be due to higher levels of toxins in your body caused by a variety of factors including consumption of contaminated water, food or from our modern lifestyle. Here you will find information on some of the causes and symptoms of high body toxicity and also learn of ways to detoxify your body and get your health and energy back.

Health symptoms

Problems with digestion

Chronic fatigue or severe tiredness

Thyroid issues

Skin rashes or irritations

Mental health conditions including anxiety and depression and even ADD or Autism


Sugar imbalance in the blood/ Diabetes

CAUSES: Polluted water

Microbial concerns including bacteria and viruses

Chemicals and chemical byproducts

Heavy metals and inorganic minerals

Pharmaceuticals and drugs in water

Nanoparticles from industrial waste

Pollution in the air and environment

Drinking plenty of clean water is one of the most important steps in regaining your health. But you must consider drinking only purified water rather than tap water that might be at risk of contamination. Water that is contaminated may actually add to the toxicity levels in your body because there are numerous types of toxins that can potentially be found in tap, well or even bottled water. Installing a quality home water filtration system is a great way to remove many types of pollutants from your tap water. Drinking the recommended amount of clean purified water every day is important not only to rid your body of toxins, but also to maintain your overall health.

CAUSES: Contaminated food

Processed food

Genetically modified food

Food treated with pesticides or herbicides

Seafood from contaminated water sources

Meats treated with hormones, drugs, and antibiotics

Eating a more nutritious and balanced diet is also very important. If you’re consuming a lot of fast food and junk food that contains additives and other ingredients that aren’t necessary for the human body to survive on, you likely have a buildup of unnecessary toxins in your body. Try eating a more organic diet that is high in fiber which is more nutritious and will help you remove wastes (toxins) from your bowels more efficiently. Taking a daily vitamin supplement can also help you to rid your body of unnecessary toxins in your body. Make sure you take a natural supplement that doesn’t contain any other unnecessary ingredients like artificial flavors and other added ingredients.

CAUSES: Daily Lifestyle

Exercise-Free Sedentary Lifestyle

Air pollution from city, industries, cars

Sunlight exposure limited

Exercise plays another big role in the process of detoxification. If you live a rather stagnant life-style (no exercise at all) you may be at a bigger risk of health issues related to body toxicity. Doing at least 30 minutes of some sort of rigorous activity every day will help your body to rid itself of toxins through your sweat, and it also helps with your daily bowel movements, another way your body removes toxins. Getting 10-15 minutes of sun exposure a day is important. Sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D which is needed for proper calcium absorption. Calcium is very important for all aspects of human health. Getting plenty of fresh air is also very helpful. If you are a smoker or live in a highly polluted area, taking a trip to a location that offers fresh and unpolluted air at least once a week is recommended; walking around outside in the fresh air will give your body a chance to heal and rejuvenate itself in a oxygen rich, pollution-free environment. You might consider quitting smoking as well as moving to a less polluted area as well far from the pollution of the big city.

When you change your habits and decide to regain your health, consider purifying your drinking water which is one of the easiest and most important changes you can make to help detoxify your body and improve your health. When your body has been subjected to contamination from the many factors listed above you might be feeling some of the listed symptoms, all of them, or have even more symptoms that are causing you to feel much worse than you normally should. Detoxification is important and there are many resources you can find online that offer programs and special treatments in order to detoxify your body. Make sure that whichever program you choose is safe and ask your doctor prior to trying a new program.


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