The coronavirus can’t destroy your SOUL, but God can.

Posted on Feb 19, 2020

Obviously more people are starting to think about death and mortality when the narrative changes in this direction.

Mike Adams explains the coronavirus can’t “eat” your soul.  Eventually your soul will move to a different dimension where you will stand before the creator/God of this simulation you’ve been interfacing in. Mike explains your soul can’t be infected or destroyed by a virus. I understand Mike has to tread lightly here because he has a business and many customer beliefs to think about.

But if I could add the rest of the story it would be your beliefs can act like a virus that could cause your soul to be destroyed.  God can destroy your soul if He never knew you, or banish you to some type of eternal agony if you took the Mark of the Beast.  Pick your God wisely. I recommend a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How? Hear the story of Jesus. Change your mind (repent). Believe and be baptized (immersed) in two ways: in water as a public profession of faith and immersed in the Word (aka Living Water) to learn about your power, inheritance and eternal life. Control your simulation with the power and name of Jesus Christ.


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