The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé Documentary by Dr. Steven Greer

Posted on Aug 03, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  Dr. Steven Greer sees himself as a Paul Revere type with the warning: The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!” I’ve always believed Dr. Steven Greer is a John the Baptist type “in the wilderness” heralding the soon coming of Lucifer’s demons masquerading as “aliens” who “seeded this planet with life.” One of the main demon aliens will be beautiful, brilliant and very convincing and will fulfill the futurist Jesuit planted idea of a tribulation Antichrist. This was a carefully designed ploy to move the Antichrist figure into the future tribulation period to deflect attention from the obvious fact that the Antichrist is and always has been seated in the City of Rome. Even the elect will be deceived (Christians looking for the Jesuit planted lie about a future Daniel’s missing 70th week, 7 year tribulation, 3rd temple doctrine) and almost everyone will buy the lies. It will be just like the Covid Vacci-sassin fiasco, whatever the controlled MSM tells the population to believe must be the truth. Everything else will be censored. This documentary is a lot of obvious truth sprinkled liberally with deception that promotes Jesuit propaganda.

The latest documentary by Dr. Steven Greer

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