The “Junque” People Hoard Until Death and Leave for Estate Sale Firms To Clean Up

Posted on Jun 14, 2021

In the last couple of years I’ve been coerced into attending Estate Sales of people who were successful, maybe moderately wealthy that died and left an overwhelming mess of stuff for their family or estate to sort through and deal with. It’s like vultures descending on a dead carcass to pick it clean.

I attended another one of these this weekend. The owner had pictures of himself with Michael Jackson, Donald and Ivana, and President Jimmy Carter. I figured he was rolling in extra cash 50 years ago. His home was a crumbling unkept 1970’s lavish track-mansion on the river in the drug lord, Liberace or Elvis Presley style. The living room was old England palace style, the family room off the pool area was in a Swiss ski lodge style and the master bedroom looked like it came out of a Russian Czar palace. The place needed to be gutted and completely updated but it was stacked full of a whole lifetime of “junque.” Too good to be thrown away but worthless clutter.

There was plenty of priceless art, statues, and even expensive furniture. But there was also thousands of items like a 25 year old Palm Pilot, hundreds of 8 track CDs, printers from decades ago, 800+ old ties, shirts, suits, 200 pair of shoes, 120 caps or hats; it was a testament to me that this is a selfish and stupid way to die and leave all this “junque” for someone else to clean up. If this guy had just got rid of one item a day in a garbage can most of this mess could have been avoided.

I came away from the experience with an overwhelming feeling that I don’t want to do it this way.  Once every year or two I plan to have a dumpster delivered to my driveway and just fill it up and get rid of everything I own that’s not absolutely needed or used in years.


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