They’re already here? The next BIG Hoax and the Lie ushering in the Great Deception

Posted on Dec 13, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I believe this alien hoax agenda is why there’s a big rush to vaccinate the population and roll out 5G. Somehow these events are tied together.

If the vaccine changes your DNA and possibly converts you into a non-human hybrid then you’re cut off from an eternal relationship with God and salvation from His son Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. Satan and his demon alien hoaxsters will have succeeded in corrupting the human bloodline.  All those vaccination corrupted sacks of flesh will join Satan and his demons in the Lake of Fire burning in agony for eternity.

In America it’s pretty convenient that ObamaCare has a large swath of the population staged (insured) with ACA compliant no annual or lifetime limit health insurance making each immune compromised American worth millions of dollars in healthcare spending. Invest in everything cancer, hospitals, prescription drugs, funeral homes and casket makers because he who comes to kill, steal and destroy is about to kick off the next inquisition with medical care racks and torture surgeries and therapies.


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