Three words that sum up the deepest weight loss obstacle

Posted on Dec 10, 2015


I don’t care.

There they are. These three words say it all.

You may be super frustrated with your weight. You may hate to look in the mirror. You probably dream of having a fit body. Yet, there is one massive problem beneath it all. You don’t really care that you are suffering as much as you need to care.

After coaching hundreds of people with weight issues – and having suffered for 20 years myself – this is the common thread. Not caring – not being able to care – enough.

This is not one of those ‘it’s all in your head’ ploys. Too many people over too long a time have simply confessed to me that they end up – inevitably – at a place in their day when they stop caring about their health goals.

“Aw, screw it!”

“What’s the point, anyway?”

“I can’t do this anyway, so who cares?”

The attitude of not caring ruins more weight loss goals than any other. Are you making excuses to indulge in food and avoid exercise? Then you have the ‘not caring enough’ problem.

Do you give up too easily?

Do you quit right when you’re on the verge of lasting success?

Are you sick of dieting and exercising?

Then you’re a victim of this deep mindset problem.

The solution is to learn to care about yourself. That’s right. Caring about yourself is a skill that must be learned. Many of us simply didn’t get proper training in self-care. In fact, far too many people learn that it is bad, wrong and pointless to care about themselves.

Not knowing how to care about yourself – and your health – is self-sabotage. For too many of us, it’s happening on autopilot. Self-sabotage has become a way of seeing the world, a way of being. And it’s so damaging.

Interestingly, learn to stop self-sabotage is not a weight loss concern. It’s an issue related to your personal psychology. You’ve got to learn why your psyche seems bent on giving up and settling for less than you are capable. This is required education if you want to turn things around.



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