Tom Cotton demands Anthony Fauci be prosecuted for his lies

Posted on Sep 08, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  When I see Washington politicians grandstanding like this in the mainstream media I immediately suspect Jesuit Theater. They normally control both sides of the narrative. But after a little research I understand Tom Cotton is a Methodist. It doesn’t mean this kind of public theater can’t be bought or coerced. This spectacle was served up to the majority of Americans who are in a deep media induced stupor. They’re starting to wake up with a hint here and there that something is terribly wrong with the origins of this pandemic and vaccine motives. I believe these Jerry Springer like commercials are intentional and act like a pressure relief valve for all the sleepy Americans that are already on edge and about to get riled up. It’s just a lot of verbal chair throwing to calm down the masses of dumb_ _ _ _ _ wearing rose colored glasses.


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