Trump, DeSantis, Kennedy Counterintelligence Pressure Relief Valves

Posted on Apr 16, 2023

Ezekiel Diet Note:  This is just a short note about what I believe was a Holy Spirit inspired message about the Trump, DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sideshow.  Events like this trio trigger what I have come to trust as a quiet word or impression from the Lord, a knowing down deep inside.

My opinion or impression: Trump, DeSantis and Kennedy are performers in Jesuit-Zionist theater acting as pressure relief valves to prevent an explosion from all the Protestants and Goyim who are waking up too fast. Their job is to give the doomed public some hope that somebody is coming to save them. Like the Q movement counterintelligence and all the Q deep state employees in the alternative media. Their job is to keep the proverbial mobs with pitch forks (from history) at bay until their extermination plans are complete. It’s controlled counterintelligence and much of the alternative media is in on it cheerleading us to our own destruction. Nobody is coming to save us, except for Jesus Christ.


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