Video of the Week: Massive Spike in Deaths Could Sink Life Insurance Carriers

Posted on Jan 03, 2022

COVID Vaccine Genocide: Massive Spike in Deaths Could Sink Life Insurance Carriers

On this edition of TruNews, something very morbid is happening in the USA. Deaths among 18- to 64-year-old people are up dramatically. There is no explanation for the dramatic spike in deaths. The rise in mortalities is evident in reports showing that the death rate in America is the highest since the 1790s and that the lifespan of the average American has dropped almost by 2 years. Now the life insurance industry is warning that a tidal wave of deaths threatens the financial solvency of insurance carriers.  Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart.  Airdate 1/3/22

Mike Adams in the video below is a little more optimistic than I am about the aftermath of this mass democide campaign. Mike naively believes that in the aftermath of the bioweapon viruses and binary vaccine war on humanity that we’ll all simply go back to normal and pick up the pieces and start over. There is no future. This is the end. Our only hope is the return of Jesus Christ to kick butt and take names.


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