Warning: Be On-Guard and Extra Careful While In Public

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on May 05, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note:  This is just a heads up to be extra careful while in public. There are extreme disparities from person to person regarding the economic impact of this coronavirus pandemic.  You may not be experiencing extreme financial problems, just be aware some around you are being destroyed and could be dangerous. When people lose everything, they can lose it.

You’re interacting daily with people who could possibly be losing their home, car, job, marriage and family. If you’re having PMS or a bad day and flip someone off or cut someone off in traffic you might just get chased down and beat to a bloody pulp or murdered. Everyone needs to be on-guard and extra humble but be prepared for anything, even to have to kill someone who is trying to kill you.

Also there are lots of brain damaged fluoride zombies who buy into this coronavirus pandemic hook, line and sinker AND they’re losing everything. They take it very seriously and are already on edge. If they see you not complying with masks and social distancing as risking their life, on top of all their other stress, they might just do something stupid all over you.

I also see a lot of clueless middle class affluent wanna-bes still trying to impress as many as possible with their stuff may want to tone it down a bit. Flaunting your affluence in front of someone who just lost everything could get you killed or worse when a new have-not gets the opportunity to release all their anger.

Just be aware it’s a different world in 2020 than anything you’ve known before. People who don’t have a spiritual bearing and foundation are the ones who go postal when their world falls apart. There are lots of these people everywhere right now. This is probably how they’ll fast-track gun confiscation.  A few new have-nots with AR-15s go nuts and decide to go out in a blaze of gunfire.

“I see dead people.”

The non-essential girl below used to be your friendly flirtatious waitress.. the non-essential guy above used to be a mild mannered construction worker or airline baggage handler making a grand a week.


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