Where is all this going? The Mark of the Beast.

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Apr 12, 2020

Ezekiel Diet Note: Where do I believe this manufactured pandemic = jab scheme  is going?  Financial collapse, riots, chaos, death, global government, forced vaccines, then the Mark of the Beast to buy and sell.  The Mark of the Beast is the end of the road for those of us who don’t intend to take it. What do we do then? Run to the hills, until when? Drones find you and take you out.

I think I’m slowly coming to the realization that this flu bioweapon release may be the start of the events I’ve been studying half my life. The US dollar was already on the verge of collapse. This flu pandemic has just been a ploy to cover the criminal conspirators involved in collapsing the financial system. The pandemic(s) will be a convenient scapegoat alternative reality reason for the collapse.

What will the average low and middle income person do when they’ve lost their home, vehicle and job?

If we’re as close to the Mark of the Beast as I believe we must be, here’s all that matters. Will you take the Mark so you can continue to buy and sell? Or will you refuse the Mark and be slaughtered in mass graves with everyone else refusing it. If you take the Mark the Bible says you lose the luxury of soul death with all the other unbelievers. Take the Mark and God says you will spend eternity in the lake of fire being tormented. Somehow the Mark justifies a much harsher consequence, forever. It makes you completely unacceptable to the most high God.

So it doesn’t matter how well prepared you think you are with chickens, eggs, farms, freeze dried food, a bug out location, no debt and lots of fire power.  You have a bigger problem looming than just surviving a depression.


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