It’s a Pandemic of the Old, Fat, Vaccinated, Sick and Undernourished

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

In an era of government manufactured and released flu virus bioweapons and vaccine binary weapons you no longer have the luxury of “don’t tell me what I can eat” if you want to live a few more years. Suddenly the Grim Reaper’s day on the calendar has been moved up. They’re culling the herd and all the fat, sick and undernourished will be the first to go.

He comes carrying a wicked looking Faucci
He comes carrying a wicked looking Fauci

I’ve come to the conclusion there are at least 12 types of food that most  people eat daily that make them fat, sick and undernourished. If you add vaccinated to the list then you’re really sitting targets for an early death.

If you’re fat you’re most likely also vitamin D3 deficient. The perfect storm to eventually be murdered by a hospital’s CDC and WHO ventilator/Remdesivir death claim protocol.

The dirty dozen food groups that make up the average fat, sick and undernourished person’s diet include:

All processed cereal doused in cow body fluids (milk)

Lunch meat with wheat or white bread  (sandwiches)

Hamburgers and French Fries

Diet or Regular Soft Drinks

Pizza & Pasta

Potato Chips and Crackers

Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Pastry, Pies and Sugar

All Fast Food and most Restaurant Food

Processed Food in a Box, Bag, Bottle, Jar, Package or Can

Processed Meat

Fried Food

Ice Cream, Yogurt, etc.

Meaning of the Name Fauci


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