Another ‘Black Injustice In The Old South’ Movie – More Race War Fuel From Hollywood. Just say NO!

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

I recently saw another ‘Black injustice in the old South’ propaganda trailer for the new movie The Birth of a Nation coming out next month.  I just sigh and shake my head at what appears to be a Hollywood campaign to fuel a race war in this country.  One movie after another highlighting injustice against Black Americans in the old South, many with horrifying scenes of brutal beatings and sadistic abuse. It’s also particularly insulting to have the Bible, Word of God, and Christianity prominently smeared in all this propaganda as well.

I started suspecting a propaganda campaign with the movie Lincoln, (with an all-star cast). It occurred to me while watching the Lincoln trailers a few years ago; why would you rake the scab off that slavery sore in history and let it bleed at this particular time? (I realize the official Civil War narrative is only part of the story).  The more I pondered this slavery injustice propaganda question, the more it became obvious to me there’s an effort coming out of Hollywood to help incite a race war. And it’s working….

You could argue this campaign has been ongoing since the movie Roots in the 1970s.

Did all this injustice happen as portrayed? Yes it probably did. But this country has already paid a very heavy price in life and property during the Civil War. That battle has been fought already, the war is over. For every injustice to a Black American some White American, who had nothing to do with redneck lowlife abuse against slaves, lost his life or limb as a result of that war. Where are all those stories? It’s over. Ask yourself why they need to drag all this bad history into movie after movie, over and over?  Why now? It’s getting kind of obvious.

Watch these five short trailers one right after the other and see how obvious the common propaganda theme is here.  This isn’t all of the movies, just a sampling of movie after movie with an underlying theme. I would like to call on Pastor Manning, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Rick Wiles, Derek Gilbert, Ted Broer, the Hagmanns  and anyone else in the alternative media willing to address this, shine a bright light back on those fueling this propaganda. Call attention to it….  we’ve had enough of this madness. Don’t pay for it, we don’t want it. Don’t go see it.



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