Simple Keto Meal Plan For The Week – Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Posted on Jun 24, 2019

EZ Diet Note:  Most of these groceries are also on the Ezekiel Diet. I’m not a big fan of bacon, however Costco is probably a good place to find a cleaner brand.  There’s nothing wrong with changing things up from time to time to guard against food fatigue.


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If you want to burn fat and lose weight, this Keto Meal Plan is for you! When creating these meal plans my main goal is to make them easy to follow, clear instructions/steps, and nutrition so you know exactly what you’re eating. When I first started creating meal plans, I found most people left out steps or they were unclear so I try to give you everything you need to make this meal plan without scratching your head or 2nd guessing yourself. Also with this meal plan, I decided to provide 2 variations of the plan. You could follow the low calorie meal plan, the higher calorie meal plan or even mix and match the meals to make your own variation of both meal plans. I really hope you guys find this video helpful! Thanks for all the support!

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EZ Diet Note 2:  Here’s what I like about this guy’s Plan. He has a basic weight loss calorie range and a maintenance  weight range of calories. Plus he shows you on the video free; if you want the easy to follow meal and grocery list donate to his cause. That’s a smart marketing plan. Check out his YouTube channel. He’s done a lot of work for you if you’re interested in his meal options.


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