See What Cheaper Fish Some Restaurants Serve For Grouper, Cod and Catfish

Posted on Jul 04, 2018

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I’ve commented on mystery fish at restaurants before.  Eating seafood anywhere is a big leap of faith and a game of Russian roulette with your health.  Most wait staff have no idea where the fish on their menu comes from. It’s always a time consuming delay to ask a waiter which ocean their fish dish come from. It really doesn’t matter what they tell you I guess because it’s probably mystery fish. This isn’t just about getting ripped off with cheaper fish and lobster substitutes. To me it’s more about where the mystery fish came from and how it was raised. If it came from the Pacific ocean I have to consider possible contamination from Fukushima. Once again, if you don’t buy the food fresh and prepare it yourself, it’s mystery food that will make you fat and maybe dead prematurely.

More from Inside Edition:

An Inside Edition investigation has found some restaurants are serving a cheaper fish than what’s on the menu. A third of restaurants tested in Atlanta served up cheaper fish. We visited 22 restaurants in Tampa and Atlanta and ordered cod, grouper and catfish. Samples were sent to a lab for DNA testing. The results showed that all the Tampa restaurants served fish as it appeared on their menus, but out of the restaurants tested in Atlanta, one-third served a cheaper fish than advertised.

Restaurants serve lobster in rolls, soup, ravioli and even on pizza – and diners are willing to pay a premium for the delicacy. But an INSIDE EDITION investigation has found that you might not always be getting the real deal. INSIDE EDITION visited 28 restaurants around the county scooped out meat from a variety of lobster dishes and sent it off to a lab. It emerged that in 35 percent of the samples, the lab found cheap substitutes instead of lobster.


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