Strawberry Short the Cake Dessert – 175 calorie Thawberries and Reddi Wip Topping

Posted on Oct 03, 2021

When you get tired of pumpkin pie, or sweet potato pie, or skinny cheesecake pie, or extra fruit, try this delicious dessert.

Buy the berry mix frozen from any grocer, preferably an organic brand. Costco has a frozen organic strawberry.

Ingredient list reads: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry. Bring it home and dump the frozen berries in a BPA-free Tupperware container and let it thaw on the counter or in the fridge. It takes about 6 to 7 hours sitting out on the counter to make thawberries. They’ll break down into a rich, sweet syrupy cold dessert (better re-chilled) with Reddi Wip topping. Thawberries are also a great topping for Skinny Cheesecake Pie.

Add some chopped Walnut or almond as a topping. Or shave some organic dark chocolate all over the Reddi Wip topping. I sometimes shake some cinnamon on the Reddi Wip topping to neutralize some of the sugars in the cream. The fructose sugar in the strawberries will be neutralized to some extent by all the fiber. When God packaged fructose, He always combined it with fiber. There’s a reason for that.

Reddi WipUse the dark blue container, it says Real Cream on the can. It’s not pristine clean, but a whole lot cleaner that the Cool Whip chemical concoction.


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