The Possibility: 4K Ultra High Definition Smart TVs in Place of Static Art

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

EZ Diet Editor: There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of 4K UHD themed and scenic YouTube videos (with narration, without, with music, and without), that can be used throughout a home via Smart TVs in place of art.

It’s occurred to me that you can use different size Smart TVs throughout a home in place of art.  Actually Smart TVs have become as affordable as a decent piece of static art. The huge difference is the Smart TV can present any combination of billions of rotating images in every room. It’s also a way to light up a dark area or provide a muted night-light.

Consider also the possibilities to decorate a home (instantly) for any holiday via a dozen or more Smart TVs (preferably hardwired verses WiFi). Instead of a dozen dusty tubs full of static holiday decorations (that have to be physically packed, unpacked, stored, and moved up and down, in and out annually until given away). You simply program the Home system for Christmas, or New Years, Easter, Fall, Summer, Beach, Mountain Streams, or Happy Birthday, or Family images from old 8mm film, an unlimited option of themes.

Discover vibrant fall colors of Washington State together with

YouTube compresses video, and the quality of the movie worsens significantly. If you want to enjoy the movie in fantastic 4K quality, download it from…

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