Secret Covenant of the Illuminati | New World Order

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

Ezekiel Diet Note:  This video like almost all of the alternative media never adds the final piece of the puzzle. Of course it wouldn’t still be on YouTube if it did (it is down as of 7-2021) the video below is on Brighteon.  The narrator represents Satan. All of Satan’s secret society “clubs” (that “you ain’t in” as George Carlin quipped) are smokescreens to distance the Jesuit controlled Vatican in the City of Rome and the Khazarian Jews in the City of London from culpability. They have centuries of wealth and organization but they’re not always working in unison.  They all worship Satan and their endgame is global government, global religion worshiping Satan, global currency and the eradication of Protestant Christianity. In the U.S. you’re sitting right in the middle of millions of Protestants slated for eradication. So it doesn’t really matter what you believe about the spiritual area of your life; the people who control your reality and world are secretly worshiping Satan and planning your early demise.

What you hear in this video, now known as “The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati” surfaced on the web in 2002. Sent from a broken email address to someone that ran (or possibly still runs) a conspiracy info website. Some conspiracy researchers believe that this secret covenant was written by a member of the Illuminati. Others, including me, believe anyone could have wrote this and it most likely wasn’t anyone from a secret society. We could be wrong, but the fact is that, this is exactly what’s happening. I’ve always wanted to make my own A/V version of this mysterious covenant, so here it is. (music and visual editing by ODD).

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