FAT 101 – How the food industry is deceiving you – Peter Jennings ABC – Must See

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Oct 30, 2023

If you need the mainstream media’s endorsement of an issue, like the problems with processed food, then here you go, How to Get Fat Without Really Trying with Peter Jennings, ABC.

Peter Jennings died on August 7, 2005 from lung cancer just 20 months after this report aired. I wonder if he knew he had cancer and was on the way out while working on this piece. It’s probably a little easier to trash a career when you don’t need it anymore.

I’m surprised this was even released to the public by ABC, even in 2003, because they’re supported in large part by the same industry they’re exposing.

I regret that I missed this 44 minutes of television in 2003. It may have opened my eyes and mind years earlier that I lost struggling with weight issues and unhealthy. Don’t miss this report; watch it while you still can.

These older YouTube videos are only about 10 minutes each. That was the standard length of online videos due to slower Internet speeds a decade ago.

How To Get Fat Without Really Trying – Peter Jennings ABC – first aired December 8, 2003 exploring how billions of dollars are spent to sabotage your health.  Unfortunately many of the realities discovered here are still true and not much has changed.


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