Getting Your Affairs In Order – Estate Planning

Posted on Sep 06, 2021

Recently I’ve felt the need or prompting to get my affairs in order and update last wills, life insurance, form a revocable living trust, medical power of attorney and living will, quitclaim deeds and bill of sales to move everything into a trust to avoid probate involvement. I’ve also moved truckloads of old stuff, clothes, suits and shoes to Good Will and I’m filling a contractor trash bag a week of junque to get rid of.

I used last week to do all my estate and final documents for less than $150. A Revocable Living Trust alone will cost you $1,500 to $2,000 at a small town attorney’s office.  Larger city pin-stripe glass-tower law firms can charge $10,000+.  Many attorneys will want to charge based on your net worth. They’re all using boiler plate Revocable Living Trust / Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will documents and they’re all asking the same questions and filling in the same blanks.

I’ll draw up all the documents myself and use a local law firm to make sure the documents are in order and assist with the filing of quitclaim deeds and bill of sale documents where needed.

I would urge all of you to consider the medical power of attorney and living will to instruct those around you what to do in the event you get caught (behind enemy lines and sentenced to death) in a Nurse Ratched web with Dexter as your attending physician.

Here’s additional instructions I’ve included in my living will that I felt necessary to add:

My position in life after watching my mother, uncles and aunt murdered in US hospitals is that most sick-care treatment in hospitals is nothing more than for-profit medical skullduggery by an out-of-control Medical Industrial Complex. They don’t cure disease or illness, they only treat symptoms and normally botch that too. I direct that both ___________________ (friend) and __________________(sister) collaborate  on matters of life and death decisions. If I’m unconscious and there is any question that proven medical treatment is being withheld by CDC, WHO, UN, NIH or hospital protocols, I authorize my two brothers ___________________ and __________________________ to remove me from that hospital, by force if needed. I understand that I may change the above-listed directives at any time by revoking this declaration and writing a new one.

Because of the rage I feel in even having to type something like the above I wanted to include more instructions based on violence and revenge. But I’m a Christian and I deleted that paragraph from the Living Will. I’ll leave it in God’s hands. Romans 12:19 – Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

Hospital employees need to understand that God will exact a heavy price for intentionally harming Christians.

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