Review: Public Rec’s All Day Every Day $108 Pants – Style & Comfort Like No Other

Posted on Jun 02, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note: I’ve been looking for a pair of pants that’s really, really comfortable (like sweat pants comfortable) for dressing up with a no-tuck shirt or tee shirt with a very lightweight sport coat. I believe I’ve found the most comfortable and best looking pants ever. Public Rec’s All Day Every Day pants are a little pricey at $108 but that issue fades once you experience the style and comfort of their pants. I’ve worn them out for dinner a couple times and they don’t stretch out of shape and keep a pressed, no wrinkle look. These would be great for traveling, cruise formal (black), business, sales, dates, weddings, events, etc.

TIP:  Regarding the All Day Every Day pants, order a size smaller than you would normally buy.  My normal size fit like a pair of sweat pants, loose and long from slipping down. After wearing them for a while I decided to try a size smaller. The size smaller fit like a pair of jeans and lost the sag and the bagginess. They’re also snug enough around the waist to keep from slipping down which was causing me to constantly pull them back up. But still the size smaller is very, very comfortable.

TIP:  Check out eBay for Public Rec All Day Every Day pants and you’ll see several dozen offers for new $60 to $80, slightly used $40 to $50 and bid as low as $35 for slightly used. I imagine there are a lot of these pants on eBay because they run big and long because they stretch and relax out like denim. It appears any pants that get returned go to eBay resellers cheap and they resell them with tags as new.

See them at:

Overview of Public Rec

In 2015, Public Rec’s founder Zac Goldstein dreamt of a single pair of pants that could combine the comfortability of sweatpants with the sleek, stylish look of jeans. Goldstein aimed to create leisurewear that would become a staple in any man’s closet. From there, Public Rec was born, ensuring a promise of comfortability and durability.

Public Rec’s clothing can be summed up in one word: sleek. From their cotton t-shirts to their tapered pants, each item is the perfect blank canvas to be dressed up or down.

They also have $78 shorts that are just as incredibly comfortable:

I just bought 4 pair of their All Day Every Day $78 shorts and I like them; a lot. That’s the All Day Every Day shorts being stretched in the video picture above. My new favorite shorts.

I also bought a couple pair of the $68 Flex Shorts which are also very comfortable, feel good and look good but no back pocket for a wallet.  They’re more of a swimsuit material that look like golf shorts

And, I bought a pair of the $78 Workday Shorts that I didn’t like at all and returned.


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