Home & Appliance Repair Cost Out-of-Control in America – Business Idea

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jan 05, 2024

Recently my Samsung dryer stopped heating. I knew it was probably a tripped thermostat or broken heating element. This normally happens when the dryer vent pipe gets clogged with lint causing the dryer to overheat and trip a thermostat or break the flimsy element.

Reminder:  If you’ve never cleaned out your dryer vent pipe, it’s probably clogged or seriously restricted putting a strain on the dryer. It’s also a fire hazard. Expect a $300+ repair cost and a week or more without a dryer, or a half day of your time to do it yourself; plus parts cost. It’s a better idea to take an hour and a Home Depot dryer vent brush and clean your dryer vent pipe. I used a battery powered leaf blower from the inside out that worked great. Takes 30 seconds at full blast. However, remember that the moist air coming from the dryer can cause that lint to get hard at the end vent and needs to be knocked loose with a brush, scraped or chiseled loose. Or, take the dryer vent hood off the outside wall and clean it with water if it’s covered in hard plastered lint. Then blow out again.

Regarding out-of-control labor cost, I’ve had local handyman service guys tell me up front they need to make $500 a day ($62.50 hour).  Most appliance repair guys seem to work on that same scale. I’m still thinking $15 an hour for a laborer, $20 hour for the guy that rounds them up and gets them to the job, $25 an hour for a carpenter.  That’s getting harder and harder to find.  Even with inflation those rates should be $20 laborer/$25 job supervisor & tools/ $30 carpenter & tools.

The best option when hiring a trade subcontractor is to find the guy working out of his truck with maybe one helper. Low to no overhead. In contrast, the guy with a fleet of trucks, warehouse, insurance, workers comp, 401(k), dental, and overhead means you’ll be paying for an invisible owner’s profit cut plus all his extra overhead.  Minor repairs today will eat up the better part of a grand in no time. This is why many just give up electronic gadgets that burn out.

Back to the dryer heating element repair. When you wait for for the clogged dryer vent pipe to blow the dryer thermostat or element it’s just a $25 parts kit; but it’s a $300 appliance repair labor cost or more. You can buy a new one for $650; and many do. Which means many people will give you this broken appliance to haul it away. This could be a $25 part and a $300 resell price or more.

Same situation with big screen TVs which is just a computer with a huge screen. The computer mother boards screwed to the back of the screen can be replaced for $125. A free 6 foot wide TV is brand new again.

Same situation with $1,500 to $2,000 FAR infrared saunas Costco has been selling hundreds of thousands of for decades plus independent dealers. The $300 sauna control panel (on top for easy access) burns out after 4 or 5 years of constant use and 10 years of weekly use. But a lightening strike close-by can damage the control board. The manufacturer warns that you should not leave the sauna plugged in  due to lightening surges. And you can’t run a sauna on a surge protector; it trips the breaker. If you can find a broken sauna to haul off, take it. Add a new $300 control board in 30 minutes you have a brand new sauna; with a resell value of at least $750 (half retail). Or, there are infrared sauna heater kits you can buy today that are much better at burning hard-to-lose deep torso visceral fat. I’m considering that right now and looking for a broken sauna just to get the box to retrofit it with visceral fat burning FAR infrared heaters.

The dryer repair appliance guy will tell you he has to take the machine almost completely  apart to replace the element and it’ll take a half day. Plus, the part will have to be ordered, so there’s another 2 to 7 days to get the parts. The appliance guy normally has two trips and at least 2 to 3 hours to strip this machine down, replace the parts and put it back together.

I knew that would be the case so I decided to find a YouTube video on this particular model and see if I wanted to do it myself. I’m pretty handy. If I can see the steps once, I can do it. I found a video:

I found the parts on Amazon and I could have them next day with Prime. I thought it was interesting this particular part sold 700 in the last 30 days. Wow, and this is just one dryer model. Multiply that by at least a hundred and you have 70,000 dryer heating elements burning out every month from clogged vent pipes. Probably a million a year. This is a huge market. I immediately recognized a business idea for anyone unemployed.

Two and half hours after Amazon delivered the parts I had the dryer repaired.  Without any cuts from all that sheet metal. Anyone can do this.

But I believe there’s a business opportunity for anyone young, strong and unemployed for: large screen TVs, infrared sauna, washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.

I could also envision a scissor, adjustable height washer or dryer stand with wheels that would twirl like new luggage. This could save a lot of time and backaches to keep the repair at comfortable working height and a lot faster.


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