Why You Should Always Keep Activated Charcoal On Hand – A Natural Life-Saving First Aid Essential

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jan 21, 2019

By Amy Goodrich

Active charcoal, a black magical powder every home should have.  For centuries, it has been used as a body, water, and air purifier. Early records go back as far as 1550 BC. This well-known antidote is able to absorb toxins, chemicals, and nasty stomach bugs and has saved millions of lives through the past.

Here are 7 amazing reasons why you should keep activated charcoal on hand, too.

1.  Natural Antidote

Active charcoal is able to trap and hold on to toxins while, harmlessly, passing through the digestive tract, taking those harmful substances with it. For this reason, it is a must have first aid essential. Works for pets, too. It can be ingested after swallowing poisonous substances or in case of accidental overdose and save lives when no immediate medical treatment is available.

2.  Purify water and air

Just as its ability to pull toxins from the digestive tract, active charcoal can capture toxins and chemicals out of the air and water, too. Have you ever had a filtering pitcher and noticed small black specks floating in the water? That’s active charcoal bits leaking out of the filter.

Air filters also often contain activated charcoal to capture odors and airborne substances.

3.  Ease Bloating

If you indulged yourself at a big meal, try activated charcoal capsules. They are a great way to keep you regular and ease bloating. They are absolutely safe and much cheaper compared to the over-the-counter digestions pills.

4.  Detox

Activated charcoal is an effective way to treat hangovers or bad cases of food poisoning or other stomach bugs. It captures the sick-making bugs or alcohol particles and eliminates them from your system to get you up and running in no time.

5.  Whiten teeth

One of its most known natural uses is teeth whitening. Although it may sound crazy – and it sure looks messy – to brush your teeth with, it definitely makes a difference. Even nasty coffee or wine stains are going to be history if you brush your teeth with it at least 2-3 times a week. It doesn’t harm tooth enamel.

6.  Clarify skin

When mixed with aloe vera and essential oils it makes a great cleansing facial mask or body scrub. It helps to pull toxins and dirt out of our skin’s pores.

7.  Bites and stings

When mixed with water or aloe vera into a paste and applied to bites or stings, it draws poison from the insect out of the bite. It even works for some snake bites and reduces pain and swelling, too.

Convinced activated charcoal should be part of your home, too? It can be found in many grocery stores, health stores, pharmacies or online. You can buy the powder, capsules or it exist as a liquid too.




 “Activated Charcoal: Antidote, Remedy, and Health Aidby David O Cooney

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Article source:  http://blogs.naturalnews.com/always-keep-activated-charcoal-hand-natural-life-saving-first-aid-essential/


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