Easy Creamy Mushroom Sauce | Chef-Jean Pierre

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jan 13, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note: I’ve been researching different Marsala type sauces. Chef Jean Pierre is interesting to watch if you want a sauce “people will fight over” or “different dimensions of flavor” or “multiple layers of flavor”.

Then below the more difficult Mushroom Sauce is a quick 5 minute Marsala Sauce you can make ahead of time and store in a mason jar until used.

Hello There Friends, today I am going to demonstrate how to make my fabulous Mushroom Sauce! I am revamping the Sauce Collection with the Mushroom Sauce being the first of the bunch. This Mushroom Sauce can be served with anything you want! And if you are worried that you don’t like mushrooms then try my technique in cooking them!

Recipe Link:  https://chefjeanpierre.com/recipes/sauces/mushroom-sauce/


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