How To Measure Your Depth & What Is Average Depth?

Posted on Jun 22, 2019

Maximum Body Depth:

This is the maximum horizontal distance between the vertical planes passing through the most anterior and posterior points.

The average male body depth is 11 inches.  From:  Average Human Standing Posture Dimensions Required in Interior Design

This measurement is where most older guys loss control.  It’s always been my problem.

I’ve often thought it would be nice to have a large human caliper like device to measure my depth.

Too many meals out, extra sodium, a little wine, too much dairy, extra carbohydrates, or sugars, or just metabolism slowing down, etc. can add to that stomach depth slowly, sometimes quickly.

The Bi-fold Door Caliper

I found an easy way to measure my depth and keep track of it when losing weight and in maintenance.  Stand in any single or double bi-fold (or slider) door opening with your back straight up against either one set of doors, or the door jamb.  Slide the door toward you until it reaches your stomach or chest. Slide out of the opening without moving the door measurement.  With a pencil, mark the floor at edge of the door that touched your stomach. Now you have a way to track that easily and know when you’re losing ground.  It can always be erased when needed. This works best with a wood or tile floor.

This could also work using any normal hinged door if you stand in the way of the door closing with your back to the door jamb at a 45 degree angle, however the door knob will eventually be in the way. Any hinged door without a door knob will work. The door knob may fit neatly under your stomach at the beginning, but it will eventually be in the way. : )


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