EZ Diet Endorsement: Zoë’s Kitchen, “if it wasn’t food 100 years ago, it’s not food today.”

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Feb 02, 2017

I just dined at a Zoe’s Kitchen near Atlanta, Georgia. I’m very impressed with their menu of quick, healthy food.

I endorse the Zoe’s Kitchen restaurant chain as EZ Diet friendly and recommend them to anyone trying to eat healthy.  Support this chain with your business if you can.

I’m very impressed with their Nutritional Info page at: http://zoeskitchen.com/nutritional-info.aspx where you can actually see a nutrition chart of your exact meal.  This is the meal I had, chicken kabob, I replaced the rice with roasted vegetables, salad with no feta or pita, only 520 calories.

However there was 1,400 mg of sodium in this “healthy” meal, which is a lot for me and anyone battling high blood pressure and added fluid retention. And I don’t believe that 1,400 mg of sodium included their salad dressing. It was probably well over 2,000 mg of sodium. A whole days sodium budget in one 520 calorie meal.

Sodium levels are still an issue with today’s “healthy” whatever, whether at a Zoe’s Kitchen, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Kroger Marketplace, or Sprouts. The taste of sodium still sells food, dressing, sauces, and marinades  and it’s generally recognized as safe (GRAS). If I dined at Zoe’s Kitchen every day I would slowly gain excess fluid, bloat until I was easily 20 to 40 pounds heavier. A sodium fluid blob, sweating every time the temperature goes above 70 degrees. While eating what appears to be healthy food.  So while this is a great alternative to over-processed restaurant food, you still can’t do it everyday or even often if you have high blood pressure, retain fluid, or snore bad enough to affect your health.  You can dine there, then recover with a couple days of a restricted sodium diet. For me that means 30 minutes in a sauna in a rolling sweat for every “healthy” high sodium restaurant meal I consume.

Recommendation:  Make it apparent the added sodium in the product is Pink Himalayan or Real Salt brand. Sodium with the right balance of minerals isn’t as bad as regular white processed table salt.

However, this is a good start and does take the mystery out of restaurant mystery food.

I witnessed something interesting as I waited for my food (prepared fresh) and dined. Young adults were introducing the Zoe’s Kitchen concept and explaining the menu to their overweight, unhealthy, inflamed parents. I saw this twice while I was there.  I could tell these parents had never dined there because they were standing back to take in the whole menu before ordering. Their young adult children were making suggestions.  This is encouraging that the younger generation gets it, and are introducing healthier food to their clueless parents killing themselves slowly with processed food.

Recommendation:  Target this market via the Internet with an advertising campaign suggesting that young “smart” people are enlightening their fat, unhealthy, inflamed, dying friends and family to a new quick and healthier pre-1960 Paleo diet source.

Check out their website at:  http://zoeskitchen.com/

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