Financial Umbrella: Put a Missionary on the Payroll

Posted on Sep 07, 2020

We’re living in unusual times. I believe financial hard times are here to stay. Things you’ve taken for granted are disappearing. There is a better way.

Recently I shared some life wisdom with someone who just graduated from high school. I spent some time thinking through what I would say to myself if I could go back in time when I was 18 years old. What could I share that would really make a difference?

I’ve felt led to share pieces of this wisdom letter for others who may benefit in these trying times. This is edited way down for all viewers and isn’t as candid as the original letter.

Shared Wisdom:

You’re living in a matrix of lies, question everything. A lot of what you’ve learned in school is not true.  Your education hasn’t prepared you for life in general; at all. This was intentional by the “Clubs” that control your reality.

There are two kingdoms operating side by side in the world.

The Kingdom of God in the Spiritual Realm (soon to be the physical realm) with full power and control over this dimension in time and space through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the power in His name to manifest His will in this dimension.

And man/Satan’s current world system of governments and their soon to be new world order government.  Man’s system is a cesspool of corruption and very dangerous and getting worse.

Becoming a child of the Most High God through belief and faith in Jesus Christ allows you to access supernatural power in this dimension through prayer. Think of prayer spoken out loud like the programming for this simulation we live in. You start eternity in God’s Kingdom as soon as you make the decision.  The Bible says in these last days people will have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.  Most Christians never tap into the power and wealth they have at their disposal. Because most denominations have been watered down to make Christians powerless. Once you have the Holy Spirit you receive power and an inheritance as a child of the Most High God. Until then you’re like a shiny new toaster, looks good but until it’s plugged in it’s worthless. Most Christians never get plugged in.

God’s Economy in this Dimension:

There are two economies operating simultaneously in the world; God’s economy and man’s (Satan’s) economy. You’re going to give your life, spirit and soul to one of them.

It’s much easier and more rewarding to operate in God’s economy.  God even promises you’ll make money while you sleep.

Forget college and learn a trade and study Biblical financial concepts and start a business. Use the Biblical financial concepts in your business as the foundation and you will be blessed financially when everyone else is struggling.

In the beginning choose to work for a company owned by a strong Christian practicing giving to missions and growing the church through their business.  That business will be blessed financially when everyone else is laying people off and struggling financially. In effect you come under their financial umbrella of protection and blessing. Most people never figure this out either.

I was certified to teach and counsel Biblical financial concepts 30 years ago. Biblical financial concepts in as few words as possible: God promises that when He finds a cheerful giver, someone who happily gives when prompted by the Holy Spirit; that person will always have an abundance to give from. We’re not living under the Old Testament 10% mandatory giving law. We have the Holy Spirit directing giving. The more you give; the more comes back pressed down, running over; so much you can’t handle it all. We have the Holy Spirit inside us to prompt us when, where and how much to give. You’ll know it’s the Holy Spirit when you disregard it and it keeps coming back.

So in God’s economy in this dimension He establishes a checking account if you will through you, that He will use for His purposes. This is how God moves money around in this dimension. You’re the trusted fiduciary of His funds. I suggest giving directly to mission families in the field rather than mindlessly giving it to any church that’s probably been corrupted. I’ve been on the board of directors of numerous ministries and churches. Funding church plants is incredibly expensive and usurps billions out of God’s economy for real estate and expenses.

Put a Missionary on the Payroll:

Put a missionary on your payroll and see what happens. This is the only area in the Bible God allows us to put Him to the test. He said:  Give and see if I won’t give back, pressed down, running over, so much you can’t handle it all.  And here’s the best part for you, God needs lots of trusted fiduciary cheerful givers and almost no one knows what I just shared with you. Do this and you will exceed the average lifetime income of a MBA by many multiples.

The more unqualified you feel with looks, skills, connections, education and even intelligence is perfect, you’re hired. God prefers and even delights in manifesting Himself through the most unlikely.

I lost many, many years before I figured out the above.  Part of my problem was I wanted to be a millionaire so bad I was a workaholic trying to do it all myself. It took God 10 years to work that out of me. To get me to let go of the wheel. And He took me 10 years in the wrong direction, struggling financially. Everything I put my hand to failed.  Then one day I just gave up. It didn’t matter anymore. In hindsight I see my mistake. It took that long to break my need to control and be wealthy.  (Never shame a health and wealth ministry, God knows exactly what to do with a new recruit with only wealth on their mind.) I was still a believer, God took care of bills but He didn’t care about my credit score. It was only after He took control that the windows of heaven were opened and blessed me beyond my own belief.  God directed my steps and with His favor He dumped it on me. Now you know how to attract money.  I can assure you almost no one knows this.

If you’re selling your available hours you only have so many to sell. If you’re selling things, you can sell as many as the market wants. I encourage you to consider product sales.

A quote that changed my life from the late Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything in life you want if you can just help enough other people get what they want.” Ponder that sentence often.  It’s a secondary secret to making money.


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