Proving God’s Flat Plane – Flight TK31 From Istanbul, Turkey to Atlanta, GA

Posted on Sep 26, 2023

Yesterday I had to pick up a friend at the Atlanta International Airport flying in from Istanbul, Turkey. Because it was an 11 hour flight I went online to check to make sure the flight was on time and maybe even ahead of schedule to plan my arrival.

I put the flight number in (TK31) and it pulled up the image above showing the progress of the flight.  I looked at the huge northern curve over Iceland and across the tip of Greenland (Denmark) and then what looks like a long straight flight south to Atlanta.  This looks like it doubles the flight distance. Why wouldn’t that flight take a more direct straight line, shortest distance route?

If this was a taxi driver I might accuse them of intentionally doubling the distance and cost.

Then I thought, I wonder what that flight looks like on a flat earth map. Here you go; the yellow line below was the actual 11 hour flight path. The flight was a straight line, and this is why they flew over Iceland and the tip of Greenland.

What’s very interesting to me is up to 290 people take this flight every day and obviously never question this crazy globe-earth twisted flight plan. Turkish Airlines should be churning out 290 new Flat Earthers every day.


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