Supplements I Take Daily

Posted on Mar 16, 2021

I’ve taken this list of supplements below regularly for at least 12 years. The list has grown over time, some have fallen off, others added. I attribute the knowledge about why I take these supplements to the late Dr. Stan Monteith and hundreds of hours of physician interviews, Dr. Nicholas Perricone dermatologist and NYT Best Selling author on weight loss and skin care, Dr. Russell Blaylock neurosurgeon and Mike Adams and his contributing authors at NaturalNews.

People I’ve known see this many supplements a day and freak out. My normal response is “it’s food, and to put it in perspective it’s about the size of an mandarin orange a day.”

I proved to myself decades ago that supplements work when I used HerbaLife successfully every 3 to 5 years to lose another 30 to 50 pounds.  I look back on that now as a detox cleansing that may have helped stave off other health conditions. I didn’t sell HerbaLife, but I bought a lot of it. Say what you will about that company but they had a good formula of supplements and meal plans that worked; until you stopped buying the system. What I’m doing below is building my own formula of vitamins and herbs and buying it without all the extra multilevel commissions.

For years I used a 7 day supplement pill box, but it was just too much trouble dragging everything out weekly. I found this fishing lure box with 24 compartments that normally lasts a month when I skip a day a week or days get split up because I started too late in the day. This way I have plenty of time to reorder anything I ran out of or am getting low on once this is loaded. It makes it easy to travel with supplements too. Just add a rubber band around it if you put it in luggage. See similar boxes HERE

I’ll split this list of supplements into 3 or 4 portions during the day.  Some shouldn’t be mixed, like iodine and vitamin C. Others work together like D3 and K2 or zinc and cinnamon extract or EGCg. I split the magnesium, vitamin C and Omega 3 up during the day. I avoid B Complex vitamins late in the day because it will keep me from sleeping. I’ll pull out a day of supplements and put them on a paper plate then pick through them for several portions during the day until they’re gone. This is easier when you work at home or at a desk. If not, take them before work, after work and before bedtime.

Alive for Men 50+ – 1 Whole Food Multivitamin
Adam Multivitamin from whole food – 1
Iodoral 14 mg iodine (protect thyroid, hormones, displace fluoride from fringe sources)
ALA (skin, weight)
Zinc 22 mg (COVID wall)
EGCg (weight, push zinc into cells, COVID)
Cinnamon Extract (weight, push zinc into cells, COVID)
CoQ10 (heart, COVID)
L Carnitine (heart, fat burning)
Prostate Formula
Cholesterol Formula
Asthaxanthin (weight skin)
B Complex (energy, reduce COVID severity)
Vitamin D3 (20,000+ iu day weight & immune, COVID wall)
Vitamin K2 (absorb D3 COVID)
Vitamin C (inflammation, immune, 2 to 4 grams but up to 10 grams if cold symptoms & COVID wall)
Vitamin E (thin blood)
Resveratrol (heart)
Apple Cider Vinegar (weight)
Olive Leaf (immune)
Krill Oil (weight)
Omega 3, 6, 9 (weight, brain, health, heart)
Omega 3 Fish Oil (3,000 + mg weight, brain, health, heart)
Cod Liver Oil (teeth & gums)
Black Current Seed Oil (GLA skin)
Borage Oil (weight)
CLA (weight)
Pumpkin Seed Oil 500 mg (hair)
Boron (weight)
Tumeric & Black Pepper 2 (cancer vaccine)
Ashwagandha  (relax, stress, cortisol)
Pottassium (weight)
Magnessium – 3  (weight, COVID wall)
3 different Probiotics (weight, immune)
Herbal Water Pill/Diuretic (weight from salty food everywhere)
L Lysine (1,000 mg twice day COVID wall)

Coconut Oil – oil pulling 3 to 10 minutes while cooking breakfast, spit out in trash as it can clog plumbing; I split a tablespoon and use a teaspoon for oil pulling and  the rest on EZ bread toast, (brain, weight, healthy teeth/gums & heart)

Distilled water (clean out unwanted chemicals, minerals, salt, avoid arthritis)

As needed:

AllicinMax (stabilized allicin from garlic, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, nitric oxide)
50 ppm nasal spray colloidal silver (nasal and eye spray)
500 ppm dropper colloidal silver (under tongue, swallow, topical mixed with AllicinMax)
5,000 ppm dropper colloidal silver (under tongue, swallow, topical for basal cell mixed with AllicinMax anything growing on skin you don’t want to cut or burn off)
Aloe & colloidal silver (topical sun burn, any growth, rash, cuts)
Colloidal silver soap (hands body)
Astragulus (virus or cold day 1)
Elderberry Zinc (cold day 1)
DHEA (weight, testosterone) This supplement can get you in trouble if taken continuously. Too much testosterone isn’t good. Take DHEA a couple months and off a couple months. It used to require a prescription and still prompts an age check in some stores.
Ginseng (driving long distance)


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