God’s great reset

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Posted on Mar 24, 2021

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(Natural News) An Anonymous poster recently wondered if 1/3 of mankind perishes in the book of Revelation. No, the number is much larger. But, how large? I don’t know, as I’ve never done the math. Now is the time to do the math. The carnage in Revelation starts in chapter 6. I will calculate the death total in the order in which it appears.

(Article by Stucky republished from TheBurningPlatform.com)

[This note written AFTER I did the calculations. Surprisingly, while there is massive carnage and death, only three verses give the total actual deaths of humans, as a percentage!]

If you’ve never read Revelation, or it’s been a long time, you might enjoy reading this summary. You will have a basic, but solid, understanding of what Christians are talking about regarding End Time events. Except for one or two snarky comments, I offer no commentary when reviewing each chapter. It’s a Sgt. Joe Friday presentation; “Just the facts, Ma’am.” I do present Conclusions and Observations afterwards. This is presented on purpose to be a quick read (about 15 minutes), a revealing of the main themes of each chapter, while ignoring fluff-stuff.

I think you will be shocked at the level of bloodshed and violence, including torture.

I titled this “GOD’S Great Reset” because that’s exactly what it is. A great many people — believers, and non-believers alike — achingly long for the Judgement of God. We ache for God’s vengeance and justice to be meted out to what we see as Great Evil consuming our world. Who can blame them? Those who suffer have been crying out for thousands of years. But, to such people I ask; “Do you have any idea how gruesome that judgment will be? What makes you think YOU will survive? Be careful what you wish for!”


Starting Wiki Population: 7,674,000,000 (The remaining population after each carnage will be in parenthesis)


Seal 1: White horse. The rider has a bow, a crown, and is “bent on conquest” — No deaths

Seal 2: Red Horse, takes away peace and “makes people kill each other” — Deaths not given

Seal 3: Black Horse, economic ruin (a day’s wages for a loaf of bread) — Deaths not given.

Seal 4: Pale Horse. Rider named Death. Hades follows him. Death comes via “sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth”—- 25% die (1,918,500,000 die / 5,755,500,000 left)

Seal 5: Souls of martyrs in heaven. They cry out in a loud voice to God “to avenge our blood” — No deaths.

Seal 6: Massive earthquakes all over the glove. Sun turns black. Moon turns blood red. Stars fall from heaven. The heavens recede “like a scroll being rolled up”. EVERY mountain and island was “removed from its place” Every human on earth begs for death. — Deaths not given


144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel get seals on their foreheads. Billions of people (“a multitude that no one could count”) clothed in white robes wave palm branches and tell God how great He is. ALL the angels., elders, and four living creatures do likewise.—- No deaths.


Seal 7: Seal opened. Silence in heaven for 30 minutes. Then 7 angels with 7 trumpets appear. An angel appears with a golden censer which contains “the prayers of all God’s people”. The angel hurls the censer on the earth which results in “thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake”.—- No deaths.

Trumpet 1: Hail and fire mixed with blood. One third of earth, trees, and all green grass burned up. — Deaths not given.

Trumpet 2: Huge burning mountain thrown in the sea. One third of sea turns to blood. One third of everything living in the sea dies. One third of ships sunk . — Deaths unknown.

Trumpet 3: A star named Wormwood crashes into one third of the rivers and springs. One third of the rivers turn bitter. — Deaths unknown but, “Many people died”

Trumpet 4: One third of the sun, moon, and stars are struck and are “turned dark”. An eagle appears and cries out that the next three trumpets (three “woes”) will be even worse. — Deaths not given. (But, I’m guessing that if one third of the sun goes dark say, at noon, that by 12:15 the entire population of the world would be Frozen Popsicles.)


Trumpet 5: The first “woe”. An angel falls to earth and is given the key to the Abyss … which produces smoke like “from a gigantic furnace”. The sun and sky are darkened. Again.

A legion of truly scary and fearsome locusts (like scorpions) come forth from the smoke, led by the “Destroyer”. They have hair like a woman and teeth like a lion. (Nancy Pelosi?) They are not allowed to harm anyone having “the seal of God on their foreheads”. They may harm, but not kill, everyone else. The locust’s Marching Orders; “only to torture them for five months.” Once again, people pray for death but, it won’t be given. — No deaths.

Trumpet 6: Four angels who have been hanging out for eons “at the great river Euphrates” are finally released. There are “two hundred million” enemy mounted troops stationed by the Euphrates.—- One third of humanity dies (1,899,315,000 die / 3,856,185,000 left) .The people left alive still refuse to repent.


Interlude: A “mighty angel” comes down from heaven. This is an interesting angel.

[The angel is robed in a cloud, has a rainbow above his head, a face like the sun, legs like fiery pillars (one foot on the sea and one on land), roars like a lion (which results in “seven thunders” speaking — but we’re not allowed to know what they said). The angel is holding a little scroll. The narrator eats the scroll, which is sweet to his tongue but bitter in his stomach.]

The most important takeaway in this chapter is this; the angel reveals that when the 7th trumpet sounds “the mystery of God will be accomplished”. —- No deaths.


Two witnesses prophecy in Jerusalem for 42 months. They have power to cause droughts, turn water into blood, and “strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want”. They are like Superman … they kill anyone who tries to harm them via “fire [which] comes from their mouths.”

After 42 months the Beast kills them. [First mention of the Beast. It is the same as Beast #1 in Rev. 13.] For three and a half days all the inhabitants of the earth rejoice and give each other gifts because these two witnesses caused all people great torment. Then they are resurrected and go “up to heaven in a cloud”.

Immediately, a great earthquake rocks Jerusalem and 7,000 die. —- Deaths (7,000 die / 3, 856,178,000 left). This time the survivors “gave glory to the God of heaven.”.


This chapter opens with heavy symbolism dealing with Israel and Jesus.

The reader is introduced to a “woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” She’s about to give birth but “an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads” tries to prevent it, and fails. The dragon’s tail also sweeps “a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth”.

Then war breaks out in heaven. Satan loses. Satan is hurled to Earth, along with his angels. Satan is really pissed off. The dragon (Satan) tries to kill the woman and child. He fails. The dragon decides to wage war against the woman’s offspring, which are “those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus”—- No deaths.


The Dragon is standing by the seashore when a Beast with 10 horns and 10 heads arises from the sea. The Beast blasphemes God and wages war against God’s people. All the rest of the people love the Beast and the Dragon. The beast suffers a fatal wound on one head.

A second Beast rises … this one out of the Earth. It is even more powerful than the first Beast. It heals the fatal head wound of the first Beast. The second Beast makes everyone get a “666” mark on their foreheads. The number represents a man. The 2nd Beast gives power to the 1st Beast so that the 1st beast can kill people who don’t worship it. —- Deaths unknown.


144,000 worship God on Mt. Zion.They sing a song. No one else knows how to sing this song. The 144,000 are all virgins.

One angel “flying in midair” was shouting that people need to fear God for judgment is coming, Another angel flying around announced that Babylon has fallen. A third angel announces that anyone who took the mark is really screwed – being tormented with burning sulfur forever. This endless torture is done in the presence of angels and the Lamb. —- Total deaths unknown.

An angel sitting on “a white cloud” tells one “like the son of man” to “Take your sickle and reap”. Another angel with a sickle joins in. Another angel in charge of fire also joins in. They reap. One angel swings his sickle and throws the grapes (people) into “the great winepress of God’s wrath”. The blood rose “as high as the horses’ bridles for a distance of 180 miles” —- Deaths unknown. [One author calculated that that amount of blood would require almost 12,000 times the current population of the planet Earth! Read here, That’s A Lotta Blood!


Announces 7 more angels are coming with 7 more plagues … bowls of wrath.

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Source:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-03-23-gods-great-reset.html


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