Health and Consciousness Repair: How Many Items On This List Are You Doing?

Posted on Dec 14, 2016

By Richard Sacks

Your Checklist for Health Repair

Read First: The following discussion on Health and Consciousness is for informational purposes only.  It is not written by a medical doctor, is not intended to diagnose, treat, or make recommendations for any particular medical condition, and is not evaluated, approved or endorsed by any government agency.  If you require medical advice, diagnostic tests, medical procedures, drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, or any other services of advanced science and medicine, please consult your medical professional.  Nothing in this article is intended to suggest what the reader should do in any situation.  That decision belongs to each of us as individuals, working with the qualified expert of our choice.

Dear Reader:

The following list of items for health repair is just a place to start.  But if you really do what is in it, you can transform your situation for the better.  If you want to improve your health, you have to be open to increasing your consciousness, because the two go together.  You have to question everything, and take responsibility for your own learning, your own health, your own awareness.  If that is your attitude, even a word or two will help you immensely.   You will fill in the gaps and details yourself, with your own exploration.  So here below, in the list that follows are the essentials for improving health, reversing disease and “aging,” as well as maximizing natural immunity, that I have found in my own research and personal experimentation.

Eat only organically grown food,

“certified” or not doesn’t matter. We need food grown without any chemical fertilizers or poisons, with the best soil care possible.  Chemical fertilizers are the primary reason that pesticides appear to be necessary.  It’s because of what chemicals do to the soil, and thereby to the plants.  Local food is best, but not grown with chemicals.  If you can find organic food grown locally, meet the grower and find out how the soil is treated.  Rock dust, composts, organic manure (from animals fed organic feed), organic mulches, these are the tools of the wise farmer or gardener.  Used correctly, they can turn the crops into super foods.  When you see food labeled “conventional,” this means grown with poisons, don’t buy it.   If you have to save money, eat less, don’t eat poison.

Move toward more raw food

This means raw vegan foods plus properly produced raw milk (not “grade A” which means dead).  Most vegans think milk is a terrible thing to consume.  They are talking about milk from abused animals, fed poisoned feed, given drugs and hormones, kept in abusive conditions, killed when their production slows down.  Then the “milk” is cooked (pasteurized).  This is indeed the horrific destructive food that the vegans claim it is, and no one should consume it.  But it has nothing to do with real milk, which comes from animals raised with love and respect like pets, given organic feed and room to exercise and graze.  The milk produced like that, kept sanitary but not touched with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and others, that milk is a super food.  The dairy industry today is an atrocity, but it is not real dairy, which needs to be brought back.  I am working on doing that.

Urgent health situations mean more complete change is needed.

If you are in a life-threatening health situation, you cannot afford to gradually improve your lifestyle. You will need to employ fasting, either on water or fresh juices, under the supervision of someone who knows how this should be done, unless you have sufficient knowledge and experience yourself.  Fasting is the built-in system of detoxification that the body uses to heal itself from anything.  Read Markus Rothkranz’ book “Heal Yourself 101” free on the internet.  He and I disagree about using raw milk, but his explanation of healing and raw foods is great, and I recommend it.  Huge numbers of people have cured their incurable diseases with fasting, followed by an organic live food lifestyle, along with the other elements of healing listed below.  Modern medicine says toxic vaccines will keep us from getting diseases.  Also that we should consume toxic chemicals (“medicine”) if we want to get well, even if it means lifelong medical drug addiction and gradually deteriorating health.  When these chemicals do enough damage, the next step is to start cutting out your organs.  Then you have to be sent to a different kind of facility to die.  Your condition may be blamed on genetics or “age.”  That anyone falls for this nonsense (including the majority of doctors and “scientists”) is a great tribute to how unconscious we have become.  The brainwashing has worked well.  But the secret is, we can break it any time.  Getting back to nature is better.

What is “Prayer and Fasting?”

In the old days, great health teachers taught very sick people how to use fasting, usually on water only, though today there are advantages to many people in using fresh juices instead. But the old teachers did not just say “fasting,” they said “prayer and fasting.”  This did not mean reciting the pages of pre-set prayers from a book or from memory.  It meant completely changing one’s mental and emotional focus.  Also, it meant to let go of anger, worry, fear, frustration, stress and tension.  Instead, the remedy was to practice gratitude, deep relaxation and Love (that means sincerely wishing well for everyone).  We eat food physically, but we also eat emotionally 24 hours a day.  We cannot fast from that kind of eating, but we can change the diet, from fear to love, from stress to relaxation.  This allows the physical healing.  It also works to heal us emotionally, mentally and spiritually at the same time.

Sunlight exposure is mandatory

We need it as much as plants do.  Getting used to it again after being away from it, covered with toxic sunscreen chemicals and our eyes hidden from it with dark glasses, takes time.  Getting back out into the light, letting the sun hit our skin and our eyes (indirectly on the eyes), is a gradual process.  There is no benefit from getting burned or straining your eyes when they are used to only dim light.  But as the body gets cleaner and better nourished inside, the eyes become gradually more comfortable in brighter light.   Eventually, it becomes tough for the skin to get sunburned.  This is an amazing thing to experience, but it is real.  When we throw away the sunscreen, we need to throw away other toxic body products, hair dyes, makeup, deodorants, etc.  Anything we put on our skin should be safe to eat, or it’s a health hazard.  There are non-toxic products that are good, read the ingredients.

Grounding to the Earth is very important

That means walking barefoot in a safe and clean area of Earth or sand or natural water, like the edge of a lake or stream, where there is no insulating material between you and the Earth.  This harmonizes your electrical system with the natural healing frequency of the living Earth.  We are designed to stay in contact with the Earth directly, as much as possible.  Blood tests have shown that even an hour of grounding or less, normalizes blood cell configuration and many other internal body functions are helped as well.  You can see David Wolfe’s demonstration of this online.  If you pay attention to how you feel when grounding, you will notice stress going away.

Drink clean water

No water from plastic bottles or containers, which leach hormone-disrupting chemicals into the water.  Glass is better.  Spring water from a safe and clean source, or distilled, or super-filtered water with a pinch of good salt in it to stabilize mineral content.  Himalayan salt or equivalent is better than sea salt from polluted oceans.  This is what I have found to be best.  Don’t use water with poisons like fluoride or chlorine in it, even for bathing.  Get a good filter instead, the effort and cost are worth it.

Avoid WiFi

If you have computers in your house, put them on solid wires like Ethernet cables, NOT wifi routers. Wi fi is damaging to living organisms.  So are “smart” meters, cell towers and anything that generates microwave or other harmful radiation.  Don’t ever put cell phones against your body, in your pocket, or in any other article of clothing against your body.  This is very hard for most people to imagine as important, but it is.  Get rid of your “smart” meter.  Have the utility company put an analog meter back?  There was never any good reason to replace it.  The effects are cumulative and take time to show up.  See the youtube videos by microwave expert Barrie Trower.  Hidden cell towers are being installed in schools, churches and other buildings over much of the world now.  Don’t send your kids to a school where this is done, and don’t go to a church or other meeting place that has one of these disguised towers, it is not worth the cost.  We cannot totally escape this harmful radiation until we get government and global corporations out of the control of those that worship destruction.  But we can maximize our resistance to these things by following the rules of natural health, which are covered for you in part, in this list.

Avoid Vaccine Injury

Rima Laibow and otherwise physicians say straight out, avoid all vaccines, period. They have never been shown to prevent any diseases at all, but have caused death and destruction since they were first invented a little over two hundred years ago.  And they are much worse now.  Many doctors don’t even know the horrific ingredients they contain.  They are 100% deadly scam.  Study them yourself and learn the truth.  Almost no one is willing to say this anymore, and it may soon become actually illegal, to tell the truth about vaccines.  The power structure plans to use them to accomplish their own agendas and they don’t want anyone standing in the way, or letting the public suspect what is really going on.  But you need to know.  It is common sense to stay as far away as possible from drugs of any kind.  They come with a heavy price.

Get enough good quality sleep

Most people need 7 to 9 hours.  Sleep is not wasted time.  This is when your body repairs itself.  If you are getting exercise during the day, that is not when you get stronger.  When you exercise during the day, that tears up your muscle tissue, and then at night when you sleep, it builds back stronger.  If you just exercise and don’t get enough sleep, you won’t get stronger, you will gradually damage your body.  Nighttime sleeping is what you are designed for and is the best, in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth.  If you have to work at night and sleep by day, make sure you have complete darkness when you sleep, but then look for a way to change your schedule to sleep at night.

Exercise regularly

Three kinds of exercise are needed for the body – resistance exercise, aerobic exercise and stretching.  If you are new to them, find someone to teach you who knows the right ways to do them.  Great classes are available at many gyms, and there are numerous youtube videos from experts in each one of these three categories.  When you get used to incorporating them into your everyday life, you will love how they make you feel.  Trade in your addictions to unhealthy food and drink, and switch over to a new attachment to exercise.  You can transform your life, and the effect on your clarity of mind and your emotions can be wonderful.  Once you learn, you will have these skills for life, wherever you go.

You Are A Transmitter

Watch how you feel inside even more than you watch other people and the things around you. Watch for tension anywhere in your body or mind, and when you find it, let it go.  If you really do this, your body will follow your direction and drop its tension.  This is where stress comes from, not from other people or events.  The stress is not those things, it is our reaction to them.  If you get this deep understanding, you can stress-proof your life, and everyone will wonder how you did it.  For the final and most powerful element of all, along with relaxing inside, sincerely wish the most wonderful blessings for everyone around you.  Do this for everyone anywhere at any distance, completely regardless of whether they “deserve” it or not.  In fact, the ones that don’t deserve it may need it most.  No more “justice” of wishing punishments to “bad” people.  If you wish blessings to them instead, that they should wake up to who they really are and change how they live, then this unconditional Love in action, will also come back to you, guaranteed, starting immediately.  It doesn’t mean not to defend yourself or others as needed when you are attacked or in danger, that is just normal.  But it means to learn to send out love instead of condemnation to absolutely everyone.  It’s the most valuable thing you can have.  This simple, invisible exercise of wishing blessings for everyone else, is the most powerful way to let healing energy flow through every part of your being and stay with you forever.  It will strengthen your health, calm your mind, keep you from fear, and bring surprises into your life that will seem like magic.  They are.  So are you.  This life is more than you might imagine.  Science thinks it knows so much now but in reality?  It doesn’t even have a clue, compared to what is really going on.  But you might as well learn about it now, and let it in.

Richard Sacks, Host

Lost Arts Radio

Independent holistic health scientist since 1965

Essene teacher and private health consultant

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