Benefits of Dandelion Tea – Diuretic, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Candida – Dr. Josh Axe

Posted on Sep 11, 2018

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1) Diuretic
• High in potassium, calcium and vitamin K
• Potassium helps decrease fluid retention that leads to weight gain
• Helps with cellulite from fluid retention • Relief from chronic constipation

2) Liver Detoxification
• Support the liver which supports fat digestion
• Rosacea or Gallbladder issues are warning signs of not digesting fats well ⁃

Top 2 herbs for liver detoxification are: milk thistle and dandelion

3) Heavy Metal Detoxification
• Liver support will also help detox metals
• Aids support of Type 2 Diabetes by balancing blood sugar naturally

4) Supports Treating Candida- How to Use:
• Supplement form – 2 times daily
• Tea form – One cup 1-2 times daily

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