Healthy Weight Loss Minute, the Basics by Dr. Ted Broer

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

EZ Diet Note: The Ezekiel Diet follows most of the points made in this one minute video. Point #5: “Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at least three times a week.” I’m sure I’ve been remiss on this topic. Here’s a rundown on why this is important.

Do cardio three times per week along with resistance training.  If you really want to burn body fat then this part of the program is as important to your weight loss as your lungs are to breathing.  The resistance training is important because it allows you to maintain the lean muscle mass that you have.  Consistency is critical.  There is a certain percentage of muscle mass that is lost every ten years as you age.  If you eat protein and workout you produce what is called  human growth hormone (HGH in the injection form is used illegally by many athletes—-do not buy HGH injections because your body will produce it) and the HGH helps to repair the cells when you workout with resistance training.  People like to call this “the youth hormone”, because it keeps you looking younger.  If you want to keep your youth, you must continue to workout!  Minimal amounts of the HGH is released when you do cardio but when you do resistance training it is released in large quantities.


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