Overcoming Temptation and Help with Weight Loss

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jul 11, 2018

The biggest problem people have with losing weight is sticking to something for more than 2 to 3 weeks.

There are 5 reasons why people get off the diet program and can’t stick with it:

They might get bored causing them to eat at night or during the day when there is nothing to do.

They might be stress eaters. Certain foods can increase serotonin which helps the body relax.

No results because they feel that if they are not seeing weight loss they might as well eat what they want.

Social gatherings like birthday parties, events at work, going out to dinner and holidays with family – all require you to eat certain foods.


Cycle People Go Through When Cheating on Eating Plan

They have a conversation with themselves, “Should I do it?”

Event a reason why their doing it.

They eat it.


They feel bloated.

They feel tired and their blood sugar has dropped.

They gain weight.

Lose motivation.

Three Main Techniques to Get Out of Cylce Trap

►The first one is visualize. When someone is going off track they are not really aware. You visualize yourself eating that chocolate, the texture, the feeling during and after, like bloating.

Take yourself through the consequences the next day such as the weight gain. You can make a judgment afterwards.

►The second is called view point. You are watching someone eating a Twinkie. You can look at them as knowing there are no nutrients. But, the person eating it are looking at it as it tasting good, it’s spongy and how much pleasure they can get.

However, will it build up my health or tear down my health? You can get a lot of pleasure from eating healthy foods, too.

►Be proactive. Ask yourself what problem am I trying to solve? You are trying to relieve pressure in your body whether it is stress or being down.

Prevent the pressure by eating a big breakfast and plenty of protein. Make sure you are eating enough so you are not hungry. Consume food that will give you similar sensation.

Alternatives are:

Avocado that is perfectly ripe with salsa and cheese then eat it with eggs.

Have popcorn with sea salt and organic butter.

Organic heavy cream – make it into whip cream with a tad of almond flavor stevia.

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