How GMO Foods Feed Junk Food Profits – Not the World – Leading to obesity, diabetes, and more

Posted on Apr 01, 2015

by Christina Sarich – as seen at
Posted on March 18, 2015

Obesity used to just be a problem of the West, but our insidious Coca-cola culture has spread worldwide along with our junk food habit, so obesity is practically taking over the globe. One of the culprits? Genetically modified ingredients.

Obesity rates do not reflect the often-spread rumor of biotech – that GMOs will feed the world. There is evidence that they do not increase crop yields or make foods more nutritious – in fact the very way in which industrial agriculture conducts its business robs the soil of important nutrients which are then void in our food. What GMOs DO feed are the junk food corporations’ pockets. And believe me, these companies have a voracious appetite.

A study published in the Lancet just last month reveals that the world has witnessed an ‘unacceptably slow’ rate of progress toward overcoming the obesity problem. Over the last decade, the world has gotten fatter, not fitter, and fed with less nutritionally-dense foods.

Why? GMOs account for high fructose corn syrup, and corn solids, sugar from GM sugar beets, as well as ingredients like GM soy used in highly-processed, nutritionally lacking foods that certainly add to the obesity rates.

When they aren’t using GM corn ethanol (which is highly subsidized using our own tax dollars) to make petro-supporting fuels, those ears of corn are making people fat. And this weight gain is followed by cancer, diabetes, reproductive ailments, and kidney diseases. Oh, and don’t forget unhealthy gut flora which adds to decreased immunity and yes, more obesity since your body can’t process the food you eat.

A world of obese children while others starve – that’s an odd picture to fit your head around, isn’t it?

Even the World Health Organization, supporter of Big Ag and Big Medicine, admits that the obesity rates among children is alarming:

“. . .the number of overweight children under the age of five, is estimated to be over 42 million. Close to 31 million of these are living in developing countries.”

What is seriously troubling is that junk food companies target children, creating a GM-generation that is eating Bt corn and high fructose corn syrup by the bucket load. No wonder ‘fat’ children are seen as “an investment in future sales,” according to Tim Lobstein of the World Obesity Federation, a co-researcher on the Lancet series.

Kids are now becoming brand loyal to GM supporters and junk food makers from General Mills, to Pepsi-Co, Coca-Cola to Kraft – unless of course, their parents teach them to refuse the junk food poison being peddled by a few oligarchs.
A Multiple-Country Study Shows GM Crops Contribute to Fat in Surprising Ways

Scientists in Norway, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Turkey, and Australia have found that GMOs may promote weight gain in other less obvious ways. In their decade-long research, animals fed a diet of GM corn put on weight, were less able to digest proteins, and suffered immune system problems.

In exploring the effects of GM food, studying the impact on rats, mice, pig and salmon, they remarked:

“We are trying to identify which indicators we need to measure in order to explore unintentional effects from GM food,” explains lead researcher Professor Åshild Krogdahl of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science.

“The findings could give us some understanding of the potential effects for these animal species as well as for humans.”

In the study, led by Professor Krogdahl, rats were fed corn which had been genetically modified to withstand pesticide and herbicide spraying in the hope of being resistant to pests. For 90 days, these rats were fed GM feed, and the control group was not – you can guess which group of rats were fatter at the end of the 90 days – the GM rats, of course. The very same result transpired when the rats were fed fish that had been fed GM corn.

Krogdahl asks:

“If the same effect applies to humans, how would it impact on people eating this type of corn over a number of years, or even eating meat from animals feeding on this corn? It is an interesting phenomenon and worth exploring further.”

More Freakish Results

When the researchers further examined the result of feeding salmon a GM diet, they noticed some frightening changes. Though some of the changes were deemed ‘normal’ there remained a trend among the GM-fed fish.

According to Krogdahl, the GM-fed salmon were:

“. . . slightly larger, they ate slightly more, their intestines had a different microstructure, they were less able to digest proteins, and there were some changes to their immune system. Blood samples also showed some change in the blood.”

The inability to digest proteins efficiently is also linked to obesity. Our bodies need to be able to do this to access amino acids for utilization throughout the body’s systems. This means that contrary to the lies that biotech has told us, GM products affect us in numerous ways beyond obesity – including causing diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (ADD), autoimmune diseases, sexual dysfunction, sterility, asthma, COPD, and more.
GM Organ Damage

The researchers also noticed subtle changes in almost all of the internal organs, including the digestive organs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands and reproductive organs.

Krogdahl points out that there’s nothing inherently unusual about physiological changes after food consumption, as this happens with non-GM food as well, but that the changes they observed could cause problems over the long-term in human subjects.

By examining salmon intestines after GM food consumption, the researchers also looked at the intestines of rats eating the salmon. The rats ate slightly more and grew faster than their GM-free counterparts. These rats also had poorer immune systems.
GMO Lie: GM Food Doesn’t Survive the Digestive System

The study also exposes another biotech lie. Krogdahl explained:

“A frequent claim has been that new genes introduced in GM food are harmless since all genes are broken up in the intestines. But our findings show that genes can be transferred through the intestinal wall into the blood; they have been found in blood, muscle tissue and liver in sufficiently large segments to be identified. . .The biological impact of this gene transfer is unknown.”

The more consumers become aware of the results of studies like these, the less likely they are to be happy with eating biotech-altered food. What’s more, is that the platform upon which many GM foods were created and sold to the public – that of being vital to the growing population’s food supply – is proven, beyond a doubt, to be backwards.

Most GM crops are simply used in junk foods, and if the other toxic ingredients in them aren’t already unpalatable enough for you – just know that GMOs could be making you sick and fat. There’s better food out there, we just have to demand it.

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About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

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