If You Didn’t Buy It and Cook It Yourself, It’s Mystery Food That Will Make You Fat, Sick, & Dead Prematurely

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Mar 21, 2015

“Hello there…call me Adam because you must be Eve. That looks good. What is it? I don’t think that’s on our food list. Is there a food label? OK, just this one time…….”

And that’s how it all started. Hasn’t changed much today.

By the way, Genesis 2:17 tells us….“in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die.”  (if there had been a food label on that apple Adam may have been reminded)  The consequences of bad food decisions can be HUGE!

If you didn’t buy the food and cook it yourself, consider it mystery crack-food that will make you fat, sick, and eventually dead prematurely, guaranteed.

This is a HUGE key point I probably haven’t spent enough time expounding on. It is critically important though to understand that most restaurants (99.999%) could care less about your health or ability to maintain ideal body weight. Most everything they serve will be contaminated in numerous ways. Their water, tea, and coffee will be polluted and medicated with fluoride.

The same goes for all your neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers.  They all may be well meaning with their special family recipe dish they’re so proud of, that are undoubtedly chock full of a few of these egregious ingredients: genetically modified food, MSG, HFCS, Aspartame, Splenda, excessive sugar, sodium, and starch, as well as probably dozens of chemicals thrown in to enhance presentation and extend shelf life.

Their water as well as their minds will be thoroughly medicated with fluoride. It’s interesting that most all of them could care less of its effects on their mind, thyroid, and health. “The government loves me and the FDA protects me. We just need to get Obama out in 2016.” Yeah right, let me know how that works out for you.

Most people still don’t get it, and quite frankly don’t want to get it. They’re blissfully ignorant of all these problems with the food supply and discount the effect this crack food has on their weight and health. Strong denial, I have very little patience anymore for sheople who somehow think they’re immune.

The only way to control ingredients you’re consuming and maintain a normal body weight is to buy and cook almost all of your own food. Limit yourself to once a week for mystery crack food from restaurants, family, and friends. They’re all well meaning but deceived, the problem is that deception will cause them to poison you without a second thought.


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