You Become What You Think About – Controlling Your Mind in Troubled Times

Posted on Nov 20, 2023

Ezekiel Diet Note: It’s very easy to become completely overwhelmed with what’s really going on in the world and looming disasters that include; more bio-weapons, depopulation out in the open, financial collapse, hyperinflation, the possibility of war on US soil, illegal immigration of military aged men on the southern border, whole areas being burned or blown off the map by exotic weapons, MSM’s endless gaslighting, Washington DC’s endless gaslighting, and the rest of the Matrix of Lies et. al. It can leave you with an uneasy feeling (worry I guess) that everything is spiraling out of control and most people don’t even notice or care.

While listening to this 32 minute video below again, I’ve discovered a new purpose for this 30 day change your thinking exercise.

Refocus your mind away from all the evil in this fallen world back onto Kingdom business. To move your thoughts to what you want to become.

Spoiler Alert: the strangest secret in the world is you become what you think about. It’s that simple. But it also applies to the times we find ourselves in. If you only focus on the evil all around you, it will consume you. You have to control your mind and thoughts.


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