30 Day Emergency Food Supply for 4 from Mart and Dollar Stores

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Sep 29, 2020

From time to time I re-post this list of groceries because you should consider putting in an emergency food pantry. Your grandparents and their parents stored and canned food for times when food wasn’t available or affordable.

In the event of a planned or natural disaster society is only 9 meals away from anarchy. Grocery stores only have a 3 day supply of food on their shelves. If commerce (just in time inventory) is interrupted for any reason you and your family will live or die based on what you have stored in your food pantry. I would also recommend this list of food for anyone unemployed, without support, or anyone trying to exist on $25 a week for groceries. This is about $3.50 a day per person.

North Bay Trading

For the health conscious use brown rice and healthier dried soup mixes like those sold by North Bay Trading. However, if you wait until the last minute that won’t be an option. Remember, brown rice doesn’t last as long as white rice (a year I believe maximum) so it should be cycled through the diet regularly to keep it fresh. Or, put off buying most of your brown rice to the last minute. When the SHTF and you’ve waited until the last minute, you should buy everything dried, freeze dried, and dehydrated you can find at local stores.

Here are some ideas I worked on to show how you could buy regular food from Sam’s and Walmart for emergency storage. Most of this food can be circulated through your regular diet to keep items fresh. Just replace them from time to time when used. This will feed 1 person 2,000 calories a day for 120 days ($100 a month), or 4 people 2,000 calories a day for 1 month ($400 a month).

There are a couple modifications to this picture like one extra 25 pound bag of rice, two extra boxes of chocolate breakfast drink, an extra bottle of olive oil, 1 extra 10 pack Non Fat Dry Milk.

I would also recommend a good whole food multi-vitamin, 2,000 mg Omega 3, 1,000 mg ea. Omega 6 and 9, as well as 150 to 300 mcg or more kelp (iodine) and 5,000 IU vitamin D3 a day, minimum.

30-day-sams2This is the stuff from Sam’s Club on the left side of the table.

3 – 25# bags of white long grain rice 9.76 = $29.28

5 – 10# bags pinto beans – $5.39 = $26.95

2 – 10# bags sugar – $4.26 = $ 8.52

4 – boxes Idahoan Instant Potatoes – $5.48 = $21.92

5 – Carnation Breakfast Essentials $7.28 = $36.40

2 – boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal $9.48 = $18.96

2 – Olive Oil $5.98 = $11.96
(dark glass bottle only, no plastic or clear bottles)

1 pack pepper shakers $8.18 = $ 8.18

1 pack salt shakers $2.88 = $ 2.88

1 large package bowls (120) = $ 8.68

120 pk Heavy Duty Coated Paper Plates = $14.58

1 Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery =   9.48

30-day-walmart2The products on the right side of the table came from Walmart.

I’m using the Asian method of making rice more palatable by using the Bear Creek soup mix as a gravy to pour over the rice (and or beans) changing the flavor regularly to guard against food fatigue. The Bear Creek dehydrated soup mixes are already in foil bags. Plan on 30 bags, that’s 1 bag of soup a day for 4 people or 1 bag to last 4 days for one person. Each bag makes a 1/2 gallon of soup. A pinch of Xanthan gum (thickener), extra water, and anything else like fresh or dried vegetables added to the mix could double each bag to a gallon of soup. You can dip just the amount of soup you want to make and do a different type every day, or store in fridge after made if possible.

I’ve added 1 extra Great Value Dry Milk (10 pack) to what you see in the photo..

30 bags Bear Creek dehydrated soup mix $3.42 = $102.60

3 boxes Great Value Non-Fat Dry Milk $8.97 = $ 26.91

2 – bricks Maxwell House Coffee $3.48 = $ 6.98 (you may use 4 or 5 times this much)

25 packs Lemonade Mix..0.10 = $ 2.50

2 boxes Great Value Family Size Tea Bags..$2.88 = $ 5.76 (you may want more)

3 bottle Mrs Dash Low Sodium Herbs = $ 6.62

2 bottles Bouillon Cubes (1 chicken, 1 beef)…$2.00 = $ 4.00

Clorox Twin Pack disposable wipes = $ 3.97

1 large package Hefty Cups = $ 3.00

1 bottle scent free clorox (to purify water) = $ 1.22

1 roll 30 gal black garbage bags.22 = $ 3.68

Sub Total. – $365.03

Tax – $ 25.55

Total – $390.58

Prices will vary. Many of these staples can be found at Dollar type discount stores, Big Lots, Costco, Sam’s, BJs, Walmart and other discount chains because they’re dry and store on shelves a long time.

This diet should help stabilize high blood pressure caused by excessive sodium if BP medications are not available. The only sodium in the diet will be in the soup and oatmeal which is under 2,000 mg a day, much less than what most people consume regularly. If blood pressure is an issue use the Herbox No Sodium bouillon packets instead of regular cubes.

This package of food eliminates all the water of canned food. Everything here is dried, powdered, or dehydrated. That’s very important if you have to move this food. Especially if it needs to be loaded in a vehicle. You will not be able to move this much food easily if it was all canned.

If you decide to put this off until the last minute you need to burn these images into your mind and send people in multiple directions to gather these staples and soups before the masses figure out what’s going on. In fact you should cut and paste this post to a Word document and print it when needed. You need to be prepared.

If you’re planning on fleeing the city to a friend or relative’s home in the country you may be much more welcome if you show up with this package of food.

How this list of groceries is served:


3/4 cup uncooked long grain white rice – 480 calories (2+ cups cooked)
1/2 cup pinto beans -120 calories
1/2 cup Bear Creek soup – 125 calories
ice tea or lemonade w/sugar – 45 calories

Total Calories – 770 calories


3/4 cup uncooked long grain white rice – 480 calories (2+ cups cooked)
1/2 cup pinto beans – 120 calories
1/2 cup Bear Creek soup – 125 calories
ice tea or lemonade w/sugar – 45 calories

Total Calories – 770 calories

Note: the Mashed Potatoes are extra calories to rotate in place of or in addition to rice occassionally, or for additional meal calories for those burning extra calories in labor.



Carnation Rich Milk Chocolate Drink – 210 calories (mixed with non-fat dry milk)

Flavored Oatmeal – 130 calories

Tablespoon of Olive Oil – 120 calories

Total Calories for Day – 2,000 calories

I understand the flavored oatmeal and probably the Bear Creek Soup will probably have some degree of MSG and sodium. However I believe the amount and number of calories from natural rice and beans will help offset these issues. And, when you’re consuming this much rice and beans a little MSG might not be a bad idea. MSG actually made its debut in Army K Rations before it became a designer addictive drug designed to hook fluoride zombies on nutrient void processed food.

Walmart, Sams, Costco, Dollar General, and Big Lots Emergency Food Shopping Tips

What would you do for food for an extended period if you decided to shelter in place? If things get out of control as so many are writing and talking about; you might find some of the following information helpful.

If you consider a quick run to the grocery store before the masses of a__ __ess for some emergency food shopping here are some shopping tips. Dollar Stores and similar discount stores, Big Lots, Walmart, Pharmacy Chains, etc. will have most if not all these food options because they’re all dry, last a while, and be easy to move if needed. Big Lots has many, many deals on a lot of these items.

Remember the masses of brain-dead fluoride zombies will be packing shopping carts with hundreds of pounds of empty calorie, GMO, HFCS, salty, sugar filled, MSG laden chips, cereal, white bread, cookies, crackers, candy, and soda, plus they’ll mindlessly grab as much milk, raw meat, burgers, frozen meats, lunch meat, eggs and other food that will perish quickly without electricity.

All of the groceries I recommend below are dry or dehydrated without all the water weight of canned food or need to refrigerate. This stuff will be easily moved if you have to load it in your car to flee an area if needed.

How to load these groceries in a car trunk

cartrunkAnd finally, what if you do have to load these groceries and flee an area? Here are some tips on how to load this weight in the average trunk.

I would start with the the heaviest items first, the bags of rice, beans, and sugar should be loaded  and stacked over (or as close to) the rear axle. You don’t want to cantilever the heaviest items toward the back because it will tax the suspension, make the car ride low, and make it apparent the trunk is loaded with something.

Stack the 6 tubs inside one another in the trunk with lids underneath and fill with lighter items toward the back. Once you get to your location you can repack the tubs to move it.

The lightest items should be loaded last and toward the back, like the Bear Creek Soup mixes, iced tea, coffee, salt and pepper, etc.


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