Stop Eating Poison – John McDougall MD

Posted on Jun 29, 2019

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I keep running into this message that we’re designed to eat starch.  Meat and vegetable oils and too much fruit and vegetables are poisoning you. I may buy his book and do a personal test of this system. This is a interesting presentation.  Do your own research and maybe try it. Here’s an interesting fact, if you look at the ingredients of Ezekiel Bread, that came from God Himself, it corroborates Dr McDougall’s research and findings.

John McDougall MD devised a simple system to achieve excellent health – just by focusing on “green light” foods and avoiding the “red light” ones. Dr. McDougall shows how to reverse disease and help ensure longevity – simply by eating beans, corn, pasta potatoes, rice and other starches and veggies, while avoiding or minimizing other foods that can compromise your health. This is Dr. McDougall’s full talk from our 2014 Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Dr. McDougall’s Color Picture Book: Food Poisoning – is available for immediate free download in many different languages:

The original English PDF version is available here:


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