From The Fringe: A Stranger’s Guide to God’s Earth – 21 Q&A proving a Plane

Posted on Jul 19, 2023

Ezekiel Diet Note: Another From The Fringe Best Of with information the large funded alternative media can’t touch. Pay particular attention to the question: Then who is responsible for this deception? at 32:30. This is what no one else is allowed to tell you in larger alternative media camps. If they sell, sell, sell to stay alive they don’t want to alienate their Catholic customers so they, like everyone else just ignore this elephant in the room. Most though stay away from it because they’re controlled by the very same people perpetrating this lie; which makes them part of it.

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UPDATE: Hi everyone. 2022 has been quite the year for the struggle being real. I haven’t been able to do much when it comes content and I apologize for that. I promise you that is all changing when 2023 hits. I’ve been hospitalized with pneumonia this year and that kept me down for two months. I am having trouble with living situations and other financial responsibilities because of that and am having to work two labor-intensive jobs in order to keep from drowning. All while trying to start a record label. It’s been brutal, but that’s been the nature of my life for the majority. I am used to it, and I refuse to go down without putting forth maximum effort. My Tee Spring page was terminated without notice at the beginning of the year and ‘Never Sleep Again Part 2’ was removed from all available streaming platforms. Those two things alone provided me some decent security, but no longer. Plus, a few videos being removed by Google/YT and not being active has taken its toll on my income as well. I am not saying this to whine or make an attempt for your sympathy, but simply to inform you why this year has been so unproductive. That’s why I always keep to myself even though you all deserve updates. I wasn’t planning on doing any fundraisers for my planned record label startup, but I may go that route. It will certainly mean consistent content much sooner if I reach the planned goal. If I do choose to do this, I will unveil the support page after the new year gets going and I’ve completed a few new videos. It’s just that I have some kick-ass artists lined up to make music with me and I CANNOT WAIT to begin releasing the new tracks for you all. Everything will be up to speed over the next two months, from my Patreon account to my Rokfin page. I will make up for all the lost time. I truly apologize. Much love, gratitude and respect to you all. Your ride-r-die conspiratorial inter-digi-web brother, O.D.D.

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