Free Ezekiel Diet Fresh Food Grocery List – with Calorie Count & Serving Sizes

Posted on Jan 06, 2020

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Free Ezekiel Diet Fresh Food Grocery List – with Calorie Count & Serving Sizes

Below find serving sizes and calorie counts for a lot of the basic fresh food I used during my 100 pound weight loss, and while in maintenance mode since 2010.  This isn’t all inclusive, but a good start.

I buy the same fresh food and eat the same 300 to 400 calories meals while in weight loss mode AND maintenance mode. The only difference for me is I can lose weight at 1,500 calories a day on the 34337 system; and I maintain weight at 2,500 calories using the 34337 system.

The 1,000 extra calories while in maintenance mode can come from extra Ezekiel Bread, butter, jelly, nuts, extra Stevia desserts, larger steak, an occasional clean pizza (with white bean extract carb blockers), or dining out once a week with a real sugar dessert like cheesecake, or pecan pie, or an occasional pint of Hagendaz ice cream.

Your grocery list may vary.

This list below includes most of the fresh food in meal pictures on this blog, but this is much more food than you need initially to get started. Rotate different items in and out for variety.

Fresh meat does not include lunch meat, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, most frozen meat. You want to limit excess sodium in meat sources and eliminate chemicals from over processed meat.  Frozen shrimp is one exception, just water thaw and rinse until the water runs clear.

The List

Chicken Breast 3 to 8 oz ., 90 to 240 calories (30 calories oz) Use 3 oz for only 90 calories in a stew or soup, or 5 oz at 150 calories,  save 90 to 150 calories for something else like more dessert.

Turkey fillets, 3 to 8 oz., 90 to 240 calories (30 calories oz) Use 3 oz for only 90 calories in a stew or soup, or 5 oz at 150 calories,  save 90 to 150 calories for something else like more dessert.

Turkey, Chicken, and eggs make up 70% of my regular protein intake. The fresh meat below is rotated in and out to help avoid food fatigue. Limit red meat to twice a week and never two days in a row. Same with some fish like wild salmon.

Tilapia 5.5 ounce, 200 calories (make sure the farm that grows the Tilapia isn’t in China)

Shrimp 7 oz 150 calories (about 25 to 30 medium shrimp in 7 oz.) note: seafood saves an extra 40 to 90 calories over poultry for something else

Ground beef – grass fed – 96% lean 5.5 oz 195 calories, cook medium to well done.

Ground Turkey – 4 oz. 130 calories, good for soups and stew. I precook a whole package with coconut oil and onions. Dip from all week and add to pre-cooked crock pot veggie stew. A little balsamic vinegar while cooking in a frying pan will color it like ground beef.

Ribeye or Sirloin – grass fed, 55 Calories an Ounce – adds up in a hurry

T-Bone – grass fed, 62 Calories Per Ounce

Wild Salmon 5 oz. 152 calories  (avoid if from Alaska)

Grouper 7 oz 182 Calories, 26 calories per ounce

Most Fish – 5 oz. 150 Calories (avoid everything from the Pacific Ocean)

Tuna Steak – 5 oz   52 calories oz (avoid if from Japan or Pacific Ocean)

Eggs  – free range or organic – large 70 calories

Ezekiel 4:9 bread – low sodium 80 calories  (if you can’t find Ezekiel Bread, or don’t like it then try Nature’s Own Honey Wheat 40 calorie no sugar)

Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Seed Bread – 80 calories slice

Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread – 80 calories

apples small 65 calories

Bell Pepper – medium 35 Calories

Green Onions – 8 stalks 24 calories (weight loss mode)

1 cup broccoli 31 calories

1 cup squash organic 25 calories

1 cup zucchini organic 30 calories

cherry tomatoes -organic -cup 30 calories ( I like these because you don’t have to cut them up)

romaine lettuce cup 10 calories (I always use 2 or 3 cups as 1 vegetable with no downside) Iceberg has no nutritional value, use romaine instead.

spinach cup 10 calories (same as romaine 2 to 3 cups)

White Mushrooms – sliced 21 calories per cup

Portabella Mushrooms – sliced or caps – 42 calories per cup

Cabbage – 1 Cup 22 Calories (same as Romaine all you want)

1 cup green beans 25 calories

cup brussels sprout – 38 calories

½ small potato 50 calories

Gourmet Small Potatoes – boil – 50 calories equivalent to half small potato

cucumber whole 45 calories (I cut up and mix with Italian salad dressing for a vegetable)

strawberries cup 50 calories (good fro breakfast) I try to buy them when they’re in season in FL, due to Fukushima radiation blanketing California.

¼ medium cantaloupe (2 slices cubed) 50 calories

1/2 grapefruit 50 calories (good for breakfast, I slice in half round 3/4 inch thick)7557aae7288c167bfc9743a936874a9d
cut off top 1/2 inch and bottom half inch (peel), stand on one cut end, take knife down center, cut each half into 1/2 to 3/4 inch slices like better restaurants do. Much better way to eat a grapefruit.

Oranges – small 50, large 90, slice, in zip lock bag, in refrigerator for snack, or the need to binge eat.

3/4 cup pineapple 74 calories (good breakfast fruit)

1 cup watermelon 46 calories

¼ cup Blueberries 21 calories

1 cup Asparagus (10 stalks) 27 calories

1/2 Cup Blackberries 97 calories

1/2 cup Green Grapes 50 Calories (limit due to known fluoride pollution)

Blueberries (frozen for desserts) 1 cup 70 calories

Strawberry frozen for thawberries (Strawberry Short the Cake) 1 cup 50 calories

Sweet Potato (maintenance mode)  1 cup 113 calories

Pumpkin (Libby’s 15 oz can) 175 calories makes 2 pies

Carnation Fat Free Evaporated Milk – 1/2 can for 2 pies 150 calories

Medjool Dates  20 calories each (5 ground up w almond meal for pie crust)

Almond Meal 1/2 cup for 2 pie crusts 320 calories



Black and Green Tea

Real Brand Pink Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


Cocao Powder 25 calories per tablespoon

Coconut Oil  120 calories tablespoon

Olive Oil 120 calories tablespoon

Butter (Kerry Gold, Organic,  etc. from grass fed cattle)

Reddi Wip Real Cream Spray – Blue Cap –  2 tablespoons 15 calories

Yellow, White, or Purple Onions (maintenance mode only) slice 6 calories, whole medium 47 calories

72% Dark Chocolate – 65 calorie square

Garlic –

Fat Free Cream Cheese – for skinny cheesecake with Stevia, eggs, vanilla extract, and lemon juice with an almond meal, medjool date crust. 240 calories package. 3 for 2 pies. 2 packages and a can of pumpkin for skinny pumpkin cheesecake. Maintenance mode.

Raw Cheddar Cheese – 110 calories an ounce. Tip – buy sharp instead of mild and slice it thinner. Goes further with less calories per use, ex: on an omelet. Maintenance mode

Asiago shredded cheese – I use BelGioioso – 20 calories a tablespoon. Good sprinkled on omelets for an extra 20 calories, the strong flavor means a little gives you the cheese flavor.  Sprinkled on hot soup or stew, or on a salad. Maintenance mode.


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