Decoding the Book of Revelation without the Secret Rapture and 7 Year Tribulation – Professor Walter Veith

Posted on Oct 24, 2023

EZ Diet Note:  I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist however I believe Saturday is the Biblical Sabbath, not Sunday as required by the Catholic Church. I grew up in a Baptist Church and spent many years volunteering in a Community Church.  My Biblical worldview was best described as dispensationalism with emphasis on Bible prophecy doctrines introduced by the Catholic Church. I believed the secret pre-tribulation rapture and the seven year tribulation doctrine.

After a thorough eye opening study of the history of the Catholic Church and their influence over certain doctrines and beliefs I’ve changed my Biblical worldview. I won’t list all the names of the people that contributed to the deception in my spiritual beliefs but they include almost everyone I trusted.

Do your own study of this subject. I recommend Professor Walter Veith lectures on Revelation without the secret rapture and seven year tribulation, Alan Lamont, Tom Friess First Amendment Radio, and World’s Last Chance WLC as a starting place.

This series of lectures in 31 Chapters was taken from the Total Onslaught series by Amazing Discoveries. This title is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. This sermon deals with the subject of revelation and the decoding of the book without the deceptive Secret Rapture and 7 Year Tribulation.

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