Something Odd About Old Family Photos

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

Do you notice anything odd or different about this old family photo? It could be any old family photo. Give up? All of these family members are pretty close to their ideal weight. That’s what’s strange about old photos. Start noticing this when looking at old photos.

What are the odds you could gather this many family members today for a picture where over half of them wouldn’t be overweight and/or obese?

I think the reason is simple. These people were eating a fresh food diet very similar to the system of eating outlined in this blog. This was an era before the food industry was large enough to genetically modify and add excessive amounts of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, sodium, chemicals, and drugs to the food supply.

I’d also bet money none of the children in that photo where taking drugs for diet related ADD or ADHD either. Odds are pretty good that guy with the mustache, or any of those women pictured knew how to deal with the occassional attention deficit hyperactive child.

I’d probably also wage a bet those older children in the picture were probably as smart as most college graduates today. Why? Because their minds wouldn’t be fogged from fluoride, MSG, aspartame, food additives, chemicals, GMO food, mercury from vaccines, and the new educational curriculum designed to dumb down society.

Your grandparent’s diet. That’s what we’re talking about here.


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