Inviting Generational Curses Into Your Life

Posted on Dec 06, 2022

Ezekiel Diet Note:  For whatever reason I can’t shake the feeling to share this message. Which means it’s for someone specific. I did share it with a nephew just after he graduated from high school along with 20 pages of other life wisdom.

After a lifetime of relationship mistakes I slowly started to  understand the generational curse and the generational blessing.

Quote: “It is unfortunate that in most cases when the sins of the father fall on the son it is because unlike God, people refuse to forgive and forget and heap past wrongs upon innocent generations.”  ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly,

It seems odd to be offering future advice to a generation when all indicators are flashing RED suggesting we’re in the very last days of planet earth and quite possibly the tribulation. It feels like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while the lifeboats are being lowered. But here it is so I can get this out of my mind and on the screen for whoever it is intended for.

If I could offer the next generation some relationship advice it would be to studiously gather as much information as you possibly can on both sides of the families your potential partner came from. Do not share this with your future mate or they will hide their family history.

You’re looking for criminal behavior, dishonesty, substance abuse, murder, suicide, cancer, mental problems, laziness, indifferent, slothful, addictions, financial issues, abuse, spirit of anger, argumentative, short-tempered, unkempt, general disrepair, lying, feminism, etc. And if you’re thinking about having children look for baldness, the fat gene, cancer, complexion, general IQ, appearance. Do not have a child with a non-Christian female under a generational curse. Disregard this list at your own peril. If you do you’ll be tapping into the sins of generations of fathers and mothers.

You will invite that generational curse into your life and you’ll live with it until the divorce. If there are children they will be cursed too and you’ll endure a lifetime of issues that never get better. They will live a life of chaos, drama, instability, prison, petty convictions, drug abuse, lying, cheating, stealing, and problems that will keep recurring decade after decade after decade.

I didn’t understand any of this until I was almost 60 years old. All the signs were there right in front of me in my relationships. Don’t assume the person you want to marry will be completely different from their family tree.

The only way this curse gets broken is when one person in that cursed family line makes a decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and all that past baggage of generational sin is cut loose. I’m not referring to someone who believes they were born a Christian and associate with one of the denominations like almost all the women in my life were. I’m referring to a genuine praying Christian with some fruit of the spirit in their lives.

Do a web search for “Generational Curse” and study the material studiously before you marry a cursed partner that will take your life down with them. There are plenty of qualified studies that back up everything I just wrote about family lines that were followed through several generations of obvious curse and blessing.

Remember this, fame and fortune will never outrun a generational curse. We see this play out in Hollywood and the music industry all the time. Someone strikes it rich as an actor or singer (or a lottery winner) and within a decade or less they’ve trashed their wealth and life.

If I could go back and do it over I would marry an Asian Christian woman who grew up without a television in the home. Asians generally have a 10+ point higher IQ, the slim gene, an olive complexion, the help-mate spirit, and a fur head of hair for life. I would have actually thought through what it took to make George Clooney or Sandra Bullock looking smart babies.

Sadly many American women have been indoctrinated with a very subtle angry feminist spirit.  All this is from hundreds of thousands of hours (average 7 hours day) of controlled mass media mind control. It’s like a PC virus that has infected their minds. Nothing you can say or do will reverse it. Bring up the idea of a Christian help mate and you might get your eyes clawed out. Add these issues to the generational curse and the prospects for a lasting relationship are very slim with a non-forgiving, non-Christian, propagandized, feminist American women (waiting to shake you down in divorce).

If you’re a guy, also avoid women on any of the Internet ghetto sites with dozens of guy “friends” constantly “liking” her, manipulating  her need for validation and dopamine hit addiction. These are what I call Vagina Orbiters and it’s a huge problem in today’s relationships. Think about this in the pre-Internet ghetto site world. If every time you come home from work there’s another guy at the door or writing your wife or girlfriend telling her how much he “likes” her while trying to make small talk; what would you do? Just avoid these Internet ghetto skanks.

One last bit of advice, never marry a woman before you’ve known her for at least 3 years. It will take that long for her good behavior to wear off to see exactly what you’ve got. Consider all American women to be shape shifting aliens, especially the ones on the cock-carousel dating sites. In the first 3 years you will only get an uncloaked glance here and there indicating who they really are.

Ok, that’s about it. That should eliminate almost all women. Good luck. : )


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